Monday, May 29, 2017

La Suisse

We were chez la famille Mueller this week when Soeur Mueller said this quote that I think is pretty true: "Les Suisse ont, a la place des cœurs, les montres et à la place des cerveaux, les portefeuilles." (I'll let you translate that one haha). But this week we did a lot of problem solving, which involved a crashed car, abonnements, and service. Between all of that, we were able to see some really cool miracles, and start off the transfer, as always, on an interesting note!

A funny story I forgot to tell you all about was a couple weeks ago, a member asked us to come give a blessing to her sick friend at the hospital, so we showed up in the evening and she told us that he's been screaming a lot lately. So we took the elevator up to the floor, and we heard an awful screaming as the door opened. We walked down to the end of the hall and the screaming was so high, like a toddler, I was scared! The member opened the door, and said, "Bonjour, ça va?" All the while he was screaming until she asked if he was okay and then he stopped very suddenly and just said, in a low, normal voice "ca va". Ok, well it's a lot more funny to me than to you... anyway, we sang for him and were able to give him a blessing and he stopped screaming after that.

We also found this less active family that hasn't been to church in a long time. We were doing passbacks and we decided to go to their apartment. The first thing she said when she opened the door was "Oh, the missionaries, I've been meaning to call you. My son wants to get baptized." It was super cool! We were able to do service for her. The family has some problems, but her son is 11 and he seems to really want to learn more. The sisters are seeing them now, because she's a single woman, but it was cool to find and help a lost sheep!

We were with the Muellers a lot this week, we did service for them, and met their friend who asked us for service as well! We also helped them with genealogy and a surprise party for Sr. Zahnd! They gave me a really cool Swiss wood chess set that we have put to good use! We also went to the Bentele's, who bought us more than 100 francs worth of sushi! They are so cool, I love them, and their dog is giant. Another family we visit often is the Wyss family, an older couple who we are

teaching to do family history. They feed us so well and we are trying to get them to invite their friends as well. The Volpicellis are still amazing and we were able to give them a blessing of counsel to know when they should serve a couples mission! Woohoo!

Saturday was cool, because a member invited us to a Philippine indépendance celebration! We had food and talked with the people and watched their cool dances. I'll send some pictures, but they are so kind and we were kind of like celebrities because we were missionaries and so they wanted pictures with us too!

On Sunday, a man showed up to church who is from Venezuela, who doesn't speak a lot of French, but wanted to know more. His name is Gustavo. We were able to teach him and give him a blessing, then he came to a returned missionary fireside which he really liked. He said that recently he's been feeling God a lot in his life and he knows that God is trying to tell him something, and he wants to know more because he feels something different at our church. We asked him if he wanted to go to the Spanish ward but he said no, he wants to learn French and he also made some friends in ours! We are seeing him again this week and will engage him to baptism. (Funny thing is that I've been speaking a lot in Spanish, so people now think I speak a lot more than I actually do, and my French is at an all time high, so I feel so good about the overall sounds my mouth makes).

I've been reading in the Book of Mormon, where Christ came to visit the nephites, and it's such a powerful passage of scripture. I love how He taught them, then he left them to practice what he taught for a little bit, then he returned to help them more. One of my favorite parts is when He prays for them. I has never occurred to me that Christ prays on our behalf to the Father, but the spirit taught me as I was reading that it's a part of the Atonement, that He would be our mediator, even in prayers. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, have a great week! I love you all! The church is true!

Avec amour,

Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

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