Monday, May 1, 2017

Soggy Socks and Hot Milk

It's been a rainy, slightly dreary week here, with soggy socks and hot milk. Let me explain, and as always, we can start with the beginning! Well, we will start with the before the beginning beginning. Here in Swiss, after Easter, the stores put all the chocolate on sale for 1/2 off, so I bought a bunch of chocolate, and one of them is a blueberry one and wow, it's wow. Hahaha, also, if you saw a video of us singing in a train with a random mec, ya on our way to Lyon we were standing in the back of the train because there weren't enough seats and there was a ukulele so I started playing, then a couple other missionaries did, then this guy came back and was like "I like to play too" and he pulled out this belt and I thought he was going to kill us, but it was just a ton of harmonicas and a guitar and we just jammed for an hour and a half! It was so so fun!

Elder Curtis!
Ok, now to this week. It started off with an exchange with the English elders here in Geneva. I was able to go with Elder Curtis, who is from Arizona. He's super funny, and I've known him since the beginning of his mission. We had to go to a doctors appointment for my head, because (I didn't want to say anything until I got a professional opinion so now I can tell you all) we went to get my haircut by Vanessa, our Brazilian ami, and she was cutting it and then was like "you have a mushroom on your head" and her husband, who is a geimocologist (wow I don't know how to spell that) was like "ya, that's going to eat your skin and your hair will fall out" so I fixed a rdv chez the doctor and we went. Fortunately, the doctor looked at it and assured me that it's just a mole hahaha so don't worry!

Fun fact: mushroom in Mongolian is "moog"

But then we were able to do some passbacks on our exchange and we contacted some cool people. It was super rainy so not a lot of people wanted to talk, and the hole in my shoe made my socks all wet, but it's okay! Then I lost my contacts because they fell out of my eyes so I was blind for the rest of the exchange, but we got to our RDVs ok. There were some sisters in our zone who needed some blessings, so we were able to help them. They both asked me to give them the blessings, and as always, I love the feeling of letting the spirit speak through me, even if I am nervous. I know that with faith, everything will be okay, and one of them is already free of her problem!

hot milk
On Wednesday night, we were invited to mutual to talk to the young men about missions. We should them our schedules, the app, we talked about experiences we've had and answered their questions (which were all about the scariest things that have happened to us haha), then we did role plays with them on how to respond to questions and criticisms from friends and strangers. One kid didn't quite know how to respond, so he told us that we cannot disprove him if he's doing push-ups and then proceeded to start doing push-ups hahaha. It was fun to teach them, and it made me realize how much I have learned and grown on my mission, and how I can comfortably talk to people about the gospel now. They were all super excited about the idea of serving a mission, so it was great!

samedi Sportif ft. Darge! 
On Saturday, Darge (dar-gee) came to samedi Sportif, and played volleyball with us! Then he asked us to help translate for him to buy a bus pass, so we did. He is so great, like a little child, very trusting and humble and willing to learn. We explained a little bit about the word of wisdom when he asked if we wanted some coffee as a thank you for helping him. Then he insisted on taking us to a cafe and that we would all drink hot milk instead! So we went to a cafe, sat down and ordered hot milk hahaha surprisingly it was super delicious and now I'm hooked! He is progressing well and came to church (even though he was supposed to go to the English ward haha). He also told us that in Ethiopia cows wander around like dogs and then come back at night to sleep haha Also, his favorite new food here is cereal, but with cold milk. ;)

me finding my ancestors haha
We also have been working on helping people find their ancestors, and even finding our own! I have been finding many of my ancestors, including French ones, who need the ordinances of the gospel! As we have been doing this, it's been so cool to see miracles happen and people's hearts turn towards their fathers, just in time for the temple dedication! I LOVE FAMILY HISTORY! There is really such a cool feeling that comes when we find a member of our family we didn't even know existed. They are so anxiously waiting to be found and to be helped, and it's only us that can help them! I can't wait to go to the temple and be a small part in helping save my family. I feel so close to them. I know that it blesses all those who engage in the work, and so I encourage you all to take some time and find out where you are from! It will bless you so much!

Have a great week! I love you all! Try some hot milk.

Avec amour,

Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

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