Monday, May 8, 2017

En Bref

thug life
What a week, rainy as ever but luckily I found a nice big umbrella that doubles as a walking cane in our apartment. It's super classy (by missionary standards haha) and so it made a good sidekick. This week we did some stuff. I'll cut to the chase because I'm tired now haha

We gave some more blessings this week to missionaries and members, and even blessed an apartment for a member who needed it. As always it feels so great to exercise the priesthood and know that I have been entrusted with such a sacred responsibility. I hope to be always ready and worthy to use it. We also were able to do some service for an older Soeur in our ward. She needed us to do some courses for her, but then we had to go back and forth from the same two tram stops for 2 hours because everything kept going wrong...

waffle party! 
We had a great lesson with Lorrane this week. She is doing super well. She has a lot of great questions and is able to piece a lot of gospel things together. She also has made a kind of commitment to herself to stay with it, seeing as sometimes she tries to leave but then the Spirit makes her not, so she finally said that she will hold to her faith and defend her beliefs. She is integrating well and receiving a lot of blessings. Well, at our rdv we invited Celine (her friend from America who is here as a student) and Sandrina (the bishops daughter who is Portuguese and just got back from her mission) and we taught and talked then we prepared Belgian waffles for them all to get to know each Other! It was super fun and delicious, they are all great! After, Celine didn't have anything to do, so we asked her if she wanted to come do some passbacks with us and she did! We had her first porting experience, we contacted people and did the passbacks. She really enjoyed it and we are hoping that she'll feel the spirit of missionary work and decide to go! She was like our little blue but is a girl haha

service with elder Eklund! 
We also had an amazing district Meeting, we talked all about Christ and his connection to the temple. We talk a lot about the temple but sometimes we forget why, but it's true that it's all really about Christ and how we can become like him and learn from Him. Plus the Paris temple is getting so close to being dedicated! I'm so excited!

I went on an exchange with Elder Eklund, he's in his second transfer and he is such a stud. We were able to visit a ton of members, do some service and has some funny conversations. He's a stud and it's impressive to me how good of a missionary he already is!

some of the African food we ate
Then we finished off the week by eating with Suzanne and her family and the soeurs. She made us SOOO much African food and it was so good. She also showed us some funny African pastor who makes inspirational music videos. They are funny people, and I loved being there with them!

Sorry this isn't super long, but we are doing well! Things here are great, we went on a beautiful hike today and everything is awesome! Keep letting your lights shine and blessing the lives of others!

Avec amour,

Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

top of the mountain 

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