Monday, June 26, 2017

Ce N'est Qu'un Au Revoir

how beautiful are the feet!
It's weird how nothing changes except for our feelings. The days are still full, the people are still there, the work is still moving forward, and yet I have a feeling that everything is ending and it's so weird. TV shows always wrap up storylines, send away characters and include a couple nice musical montages before the finale, and that's what I feel is happening. This past week was great, we talked to quite a few people and had some cool experiences. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to contact Alexandre again... I'm not quite sure what happened to him, but I know someday it will be his time (I feel like a already said this a couple weeks ago haha).

This week we did service for a member who is kinda interesting. She has a lot of interesting ideas, and she needed help with one of them... so what we did was drive to a construction site, with large buckets and some pasta strainers and shovels and we sifted dirt for 3 hours. We ended up sifting 60 liters of dirt (which is a lot) and the construction workers were just sitting in their little hut watching us. Then we cleaned her floors. Come to think of it, I've cleaned a lot of people's floors here in Geneva!

Our 🚂 
Another funny story is that I was on a bus and this little kid in front of me kept looking at me, so I talked to him. Turned out he loves math (he was only 6) so for the next 20 Minutes he quizzed me on multiplication problems, but the embarrassing part is that I haven't done math in such a long time, I got most of them wrong. But to be fair they were like 54 million times three hundred thousand and that's hard! But the lady next to me helped me, and then I was able to talk to her about what I do here. It was cool, because his mom was also curious after that.

A couple months ago, I contacted this young man on a bus and talked to him and gave him a card. Well, this week, he found the Spanish sisters and came to the church, saying that he wanted a Book of Mormon because he needs something more in his life and he has felt that this is it. It was cool to talk and testify of repentance and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. And it was cool to see the fruits of a little contact.

Also this week, we had a couple game nights to invite our potentials to. Only a couple people came, but they were still fun! Lorrane came to one of them, and because her phone was the only one that had a certain app to contact a potential, when he called, she answered. We could tell that she's learned from the missionaries because she this is how she answered, "Hello. We are the members of the church, please come to the church. It's very important. We have a lot for you to eat." Hahahaha we died! She also took us on a fun tourist train ride around the lake after a lesson, but it went by the beach and so we had a good tour of the our train car floor haha.

black and white
On Sunday, the sister had the baptism of Mael, the 11 year old boy of the less active mother we found last transfer. I was asked to baptize him, and it was an honor. I found that the baptism pants I bought 2 years ago had become more tight than they were the last time I wore them (2 years ago) haha, but it was an amazing experience as I watched this little boy make such a big step in his life. I was able to watch closely as he emerged from the water and for a moment I saw him being washed clean, being reborn. I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven that I was able to have that experience before I finished my mission.

Finally got to baptize
And this is it. In one week I will be a Landon instead of an Elder. I will take off the plaque and loosen the tie, but I will never take off my title as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and I will never loosen my grip on doing the things that have taught me how to love, serve, and teach others. I would like to say that I've changed myself, but all I can say is that God changed me. I understand now the importance, more than ever, of this calling, of this gospel, of my Savior and His Father. These past 2 years have been much more of a blessing for me than for anyone that He has put in my path. I cannot forget the people I've met, I cannot deny the feelings and responses I've received that have come after prayers, or in buses, or in lessons. I know that what I have been doing and saying for the past 2 years is TRUE. JESUS CHRIST LIVES- Through Him, we are SAVED (after all we can do!) JE SUIS UN ENFANT DE DIEU, and so are you! TEMPLES ARE HOLY PLACES, FAMILIES ARE ORDAINED OF GOD TO BE ETERNAL. I know it with all of my being. Even though this is the end, it's really only the beginning, because I now know how to apply this gospel. And I intend to do just that. So, as they say in French, "Ce n'est qu'un au revoir."

Have a great week. I will see you all soon. *roll credits*

Avec amour,
Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

Monday, June 19, 2017


2) elder Mendel exchange!
I can't believe that I've been here for 100 weeks. If i had the time I would tell you my top 100 mission experiences, or 100 acts of service I've done, or 100 different times I've eaten chocolate here but instead I'll just tell you how week 100 went. Disclaimer: it went well.

mixing our 15 kilo meal
So first off, we had our big multi Zone conference this week. On Monday night, us and the STLs with some other missionaries spent 5 hours preparing lunch for 50 people. We prepared 15 kilos of meat, rice and beans to stuff inside tortillas, we cut 6 watermelons, and made 5 kilos of sauce. My companion cut his hand and threw up, but not in the food, and so it was a successful night haha. The next day we had our Zone conference. I was asked to conduct, and then Elder Hoffmann and I presented on how to help our amis keep commitments to read specific passages in the Book of Mormon. It was good, but short, because there were so many missionaries who had to give their departing testimonies, me included. It's weird because I've watched my whole mission as groups of missionaries give this last testimony and I've stressed about what to say and I never thought I would actually have to do it haha. 
Zone conference
But as I started, I was able to talk a little bit about the other missionaries going home and what they have contributed to this mission, and then give my very simple testimony of the church of Jesus Christ, the restoration and the Book of Mormon. I love how I was able to see my growth even as I was testifying compared to the elder Hall that left 2 years ago. But it was a good conference, one of my favorite ones of my mission. Before I left, President caught me and said, "What this mission will miss about elder hall is his love." And that really touched me. If that's the one thing that I leave here, I will be pleased with my service.

Also, this week Alexandre texted us and said he was just in Italy on a last minute trip! He said he's still been reading in the Book of Mormon and he was going to come to church but he didn't... that's okay though, because I know that we will see him and he will continue down this path!

pizza party
We also had a couple exchanges this week. The first was right after district Meeting, I went with Elder Thompson, who just came off of Ajaccio, so it was so fun to talk about the members and the work since I've left (which has been over a year!) He is a hard worker, and really loves the work, so it was great. We gave a few blessings and then we met up with Elder Hoffmann and Eklund and had a pizza party! Haha

The second exchange was in Lyon, and I got to go with Elder Mendel, who I came into the mission with. He's from Germany, I have already told you about him, because we are super good friends, but it was so great to spend time with him. On the exchange actually, at one point the assistants had to go pick up a new couple so Elder Hoffmann and I went to the Ecully chapel to clean it, but none of the other missionaries who were supposed to come, came. So we did it all alone, but then all these members that I know from there showed up for a smoothie Father's Day party and I was able to see them and have smoothies! It was so great, and I can't believe that Elder Mendel and I are that old...

picnic with the dream team
Otherwise, we have an ami. Sayid, from Ethiopia who followed us on a train to an outerville just to see us! He is so cool. We showed him the Hope of Gods light video, and he loved it. He's not sure if he believes in God, so it was great. Then we had a picnic with the Soeurs and Lorrane and Celine. It was so much fun and Lorrane taught us karate so now I'm a black belt! And on Sunday after church, we had a missionary fireside where we played a game that elder Hoffmann and I created about connecting anything to the gospel and to Christ. It was a lot of fun, and I even got to see Elder Brady Haug (Fabian) who came to visit!)

this is a man-don haaha (comme Landon)
So this week gets 100/100, and I can't wait to see what these next couple of weeks have. I was asked to baptize Maël, the child who's mom is a less active that we found, that the soeurs have been teaching, so that will be this week. I feel so blessed from the Lord during this time. And I'm still trying to give my 100%, as much of it as I can anyways. I know that the Lord carries us when we can't do it ourselves. I can testify of that as I've seen it through my life and my mission. I love you all and thanks for your prayers! Have a great

Avec amour,
Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hall monitors

"its elementary my dear Hoffmann" 
Another week bites the dust Hall monitors. It's getting harder and harder to write emails, but I'll keep trying my best. This week was great! We had an exchange and a fake out exchange haha also, when we were doing our shopping today, there is this guy in Ferney (where we live in France) who always finds us and gives us his spare change because he says he never gives anything for Jesus so he counts it as filling his dues. haha

So our exchange was with The English elders, and I went with Elder Caramelli! It was a great exchange, and we were able to go to the Wyss' house to help them with family history and eat. There was a giant storm though, so the sisters were late, so we ended up staying there for longer than expected, but we had some other RDVs so it was a good exchange. I love that Tahitian, he is just so sincere and kind. I learn a lot from him after every exchange, and he is the only one that has been here in Geneva as long as I have.

Elder Hoffmann (whom I lovingly refer to as Elder Collègue 90% of the time) and I went to teach this referral we got from the Spanish elders. His name is Mario, but he was kinda crazy. He reminded me of a chameleon because his eyes were also kinda crazy. But he said he didn't quite agree with some of our doctrine, yet he has never read or prayed about it, so we tried to explain that in order to gain knowledge il faut put in the effort but he didn't want to. Something that I've learned is that everyone has their agency (whether we like it or not). That's one of the most important parts of the Plan our Heavenly Father made for us.

Spanish elders = chauffeurs
And in speaking of that, we invited Alexandre to come eat with us at the Cornetas house (our bishops family), and we didn't answer our calls or texts. We even made cookies to deliver to his house for his family, and for some less actives, and still no answer. I have faith that he will be touched by the spirit at some point, because he is a good man, very in tune with the spirit. Even if his time isn't now, I know it will be at some point. But we will keep praying for him!

poop pillow party
On Friday we went to three members houses in a row, the Cornetas, the Muellers, and the Fidalgos. I love all these people! We wanted to bring the fidalgos something so we went to the store and bought them a little emoji poop pillow family 💩. They loved it! They are so hilarious, and I always feel at home when we are with them. And the Muellers are as amazing as always.

The work is still going well. Geneva is great because there are so many different kinds of people to talk to and teach. I love the feeling of warmth and truth that comes when I testify of the truthfulness of this church and our Savior. I love the boldness that I have acquired in doing this work, that I can testify without any doubt, and speak the words the spirit puts into my mouth. I am not perfect by any means, and if there is anyone that can improve dramatically, I would say that person is me, but I love this calling.

Thanks for all your prayers and love. Have a great week!

Avec amour,
Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

Monday, June 5, 2017

Raining Down Miracles

lying on the grass being missionary models haha
At MLC this past week, President Brown reminded us that now that the temple is dedicated and running, Heavenly Father is ready to pour down His blessings upon us like rain, and I can tell you that if that's the case, this week it was raining cats and dogs! I can't wait to tell you all of the amazing things that have been happening here!

So, this week started off in Lyon. We were there for my last MLC, which in total makes 11 that I've been to. I've been going to those things since my first transfer in the office... it was a special MLC though, because every one in my group, the 111's, so the missionary's who came in and will go home with me, were all there! There were 30 of us who will all go home at the end of this transfer, and it was so so so great to see them all! It's incredible how fast it has gone, because I remember when we were all sitting there in that same chapel as bleus, waiting to get our trainers. It was such a good conference, we talked about how, now that the temple is finished, what's next? Well, what's next is inviting people to come unto Christ and be baptized. It was so cool to watch as we received revelation as a mission leadership to know that we can engage 170 people to baptism before the end of this transfer. Which leads to the other miracles.

My missionaries 111
So, you remember Gustavo, that really cool Venezuelan man we met on Sunday? We had a rdv with him on Thursday and we engaged him to baptism on the 18 of June. He said that he would because he feels like this is truly the path for him. He is so cool, and has so many good questions. He has seen the hand of God in his life, and it shows in his faith. Unfortunately, the spirit told us that he should probably be taught by the Spanish elders so he can better understand, so we passed him to them, even though he said he loves us the best haha. But he came to samedi Sportif and it was a lot of fun!

office elders pic- I'm the one going away and the oldest haha
And then one of the biggest miracles of my mission. On Wednesday we got a call from a member who was at the church and a random guy showed up. He gave him our number, and we thought we had his right number but it was the wrong one, so we could only pray that he would call. HE DID! He called and we fixed a rdv for Saturday. He showed up and we showed him a little tour of the chapel, he took it all in. We talked about the Plan of Salvation (which was the only pamphlet the member could find to give him) and he had already memorized the kingdoms of glory. He said that he has been looking for Jesus for a long time. His name is Alexandre and he is so so cool! Luckily, there was a baptism at the same time, and we went to show him. He said that he wants that, he wants to be cleansed. The spirit told us to invite him to be baptized on the 18 of June as well, and he accepted! He is honestly one of the most prepared people I've ever met. He asked when we could meet again! Pray for him to continue to prepare!

waiting for our ride
We also did a lot of service this week, with members and their friends. We helped Soeur Muller and her friend put up IKEA things, but they are both so stressful in certain situations so it was like trying to work under two little mice who were trying to do everything! Hahaha her friend kept trying to use one of those hand winding flashlights to help and it was giving no light haha. We helped the Benteles do yard work, and it felt so good to do that again! Then we helped the Volpicellis with their friend, who is going to come to FHE soon!

We also carried a couch through the streets of Ferney Voltaire and everyone thought we were thieves, either that or just Mormons haha.

That was our week. I feel so blessed to be seeing so many miracles, even as my mission is coming to a close. I can't believe this is happening, but I've had to start facing the facts, even if it makes me feel sick haha. I'm trying my best to do everything I need to to finish strong. I know that I am being carried by angels, whether they are in the form of missionaries, members, amis or strangers, or real angels. I love this work. I love these countries, these people, this calling. I wouldn't trade it for the world, not even when I sit down and immediately fall asleep because I'm so tired haha. This is the work of Salvation, and it is rolling forth, and I am so lucky to have been rolling right along with it!

I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and thoughts! Have a great Week!


Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary