Saturday, September 3, 2016

Le Tour de France II: This Time, It's Pointless

I'm bock... I don't have a lot of time this week, but I'll let you know how it was.

some of my favorite people in our ward! Syo and Ceasar
We left on another (my last) moving trip on Monday morning. We had a lot of stuff planned to do, so we took off to our first destination, Gap. It is a little ville nestled in the mountains bordering Swiss. Its super beautiful to drive there, and we were delivering some stuff to the Walkers, the couple that used to be here in the office but are now there. We had lunch and went on our way to Marseille. Rumor had it that the apartment was destroyed by the rogue one, so we went down to fix it all up for transfers. We went in, it was kind of spooky in the dark, and then we flipped the light on, and... it looked just fine. We were pretty confused. We looked for the holes in the walls, none. Broken beds or furniture, rien. Shattered glass, nada. We were pretty confused, because it looked like the only thing wrong was that he cracked the desks, so we went and got some new ones and then left. Long ride for that... 

Onward we went, ready to... oh wait... what is this I hear, a phone call? Yup, the elders we were going to do a complete move for actually enlisted the help of their ward, so there was no need of us. Nevermind that, we will keep on going! We actually got to have a pretty cool experience that I can't talk a lot about, but I will just say that on Tuesday, we got to have basically a vacation day, so we visited some people in Aix, got fed lunch and dinner and had a fun time, then we even got to go visit a chateau!! There is a HUGE one in a ville called Carcassone, and it looks like a classic Disney castle. I will definitely send pictures, but it was so fun, especially for me because I'm an official knight, remember? ;) 

Well we went to Toulouse and, because of the fiasco last time where we didnt bring everything we needed, in fact, last time we brought 2 dryers instead of a dryer and a washer. So we went back to finish the job. When we called the equipe with the keys, they told us that they were in a different ville, and that they locked every lock on their door so we couldnt get in, even if we wanted. So we decided to leave them in the apartment where we stayed with some elders. When we went out to get the washer and oven, we realized that... wait for it... WE BROUGHT A DRYER AGAIN!! Ugh! I was actually laughing pretty hard at this point. We had failed, yet once more. 

We then went to a place called Poitiers to do some stuff for the sisters there. Setting up Ikea furniture mostly (which I am pro at nowadays). They gave us some funny tuna rice for dinner. Then we had to take away a bunch of old things that were broken down. We got out of there at 10h30 at night, drove to a middle ville and pulled in around 1h30 in the morning. Slept until 6h30, and went to Clermont Ferrand for our district meeting! It was the first one Ive been to in 2 transfers! It was very good. We came back, and the rest of the week I have just been finishing my training for Elder Johnson. He is going to be a good replacement :) 

Well, France is back in the swing of things, with school starting and everything going back to normal. Here, its called "le rentrĂ©e" because in August the whole month is one giant vacation. businesses shut down, everyone packs everything up and heads to the farthest place possible from their house so its quiet and nice but also very inconvenient, but now everything is back in gear, people are sad that they have to put shirts back on, and some of them still dont (they're in denial).

Overall, it was kind of a sad week because we went around all of France for really no reasons. But I did learn some things, mostly that attitude is a choice. Mine wasn't the best this week, and I recognized it, but I will try to be better. I only have one more week in the office, and I hope I can make it a good one. After all, enduring to the end is the last principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It may get overlooked, but its very important! 

I love you all! Thanks for all that you do! Keep on enduring and enjoy the ride while youre at it, maybe you can stop by a metaphorical chateau :) 

Avec amour, 

Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary 

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