Saturday, August 27, 2016

Elder Hall in Training

When I look back on this week, it was a lot less tiring and stressful than the others. Today in zone conference, President Brown said that this morning he had 2 simultanious yet contradicting thoughts: one was that this has been brutal, the other was that this has been his favorite transfer. I feel similarly. Even through all of the insanity, this transfer has been a turning point in this mission, a turning point of decision, of obedience and of loyalty. But it's gone sooooo slow... Anyway, this was the first week of training for my office replacement, Elder Johnson. It went pretty well, I have to say. 

us with our DMP Syo (he is from 
New Caledonia and is the coolest!)
Monday was an important day, it was the day that I went with our zone leaders to a ville called Grenoble to get my legality! Ca veut dire that I am legal here in France for a long period of time. Its a cool little card with holograms on it and my pictures. In Grenoble, we went out to eat with the elders, and because it was everyone else's P-Day, they wanted to go up on a little gondola thing to the top of the mountain. So we took an hour to do that. I'll attach pictures but it was so cool. Except at one point there was a giant wasp in our ball on Elder Bouaka's shirt (he's african), and so we all screamed and got into the tightest corners because he was going to flick it right off. Nothing happened, I think it died haha. 

Mac n cheese 
Well also during the week, President Brown brought over one of the most wonderful surprises of my mission... a carton of boxes of Kraft Mac n' Cheese! Soeur Brown knew how much I love mac n cheese and she had accidentally bought an entire carton instead of individual boxes off of the internet, so they gave it to us! 30 boxes! We've been eating like kings for 4 nights in a row haha Then when I got the package from my mom, I was just overwhelmed with joy! It's the little things in life that make everything worth it :)

The training of Elder Johnson is going great! He's catching on, slowly but surely. I never realized how much I do until I started trying to teach it all to him haha So what we did is wrote up a list of everything he needs to know and then just started down the list. I am basically trying to transfer 6 months worth of job experience, specific solutions to problems, and thousands of bits of knowledge to him. Like I said, its going better than it could haha. He is super funny though, he can make me laugh at anything he says, mostly because I envision him as what a real life cartoon character would be. As an equipe, we took over english class because the other elders were too busy, so for our first class, we thought we could just read a simple english story and if they has questions, they could ask them. We were running late so we quickly found Little Red Riding Hood on the internet and printed it off. On the way to the Institute (where the classes are held), we were reading it through for fun, and realized that this was a very interesting version, which involved a weird encounter between Red and the wolf when the wolf was parading as granny. So wierd that we said "We can't let a bunch of people read this at a missionary english class!!" So I hurried and took a black pen and scratched that whole section out. Luckily, no one was supsicious of it, except one guy who said "I guess only the lucky ones dont have this blocked out."

in Grenoble 
Now, today we had zone conference, and I got to have an interview with President yesterday and it was such an amazing interview. I love that man! Zone conference was probably my favorite one Ive ever had. We sang to start it off and the spirit filled my whole body as soon as we started singing 'Je sais qu'il vit, mon rédempteur' (I know that my redeemer lives). It was all centered around titles of loyalty, and putting on the armor of God so that we can be protected spiritually and temporally, as well as being our best selves. The messages that were shared and the spirit that I felt was just incredible. They said that, just like the 2000 strippling warriors in the Book of Mormon, we will all be wounded and scarred in this fight for Christ, but we will all be protected as we trust in Heavenly Father, bind Satan and show France that the work of God will go forth, no matter what is happening around us. This applies for all of us, everywhere! Even in Utah! Standing up for Christ and sharing His message has never been easy, not even for Him, who was scourged, whipped, mocked, until eventually He was killed. It has never been easy, but it has always been true. I know that my Redeemer lives. I have complete faith in Him. 

Have a great week! I love you all! 

Elder Hall 
Your Favorite Missionary 

in Grenoble

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