Monday, September 26, 2016

Bordeaux's Belt

I didn't think I would fly in an airplane until I was on my way home, but I was wrong. This week was a pretty busy week, full of a lot of little things to do and errands to run, but it was pretty good anyway! I learned a lot about faith and we saw what faith can do in the work of salvation. Anyways, I mostly just want to cut to the chase so here we go. 

We went to Lyon this week for MLC (missionary leadership council). So Elder Steadman and I, as well as Sr. Clancy and Filbrandt (the STLs) went on a plane to Lyon since it only takes one hour by plane instead of 8 by train. It was super cool and I'll send pictures. We stayed at the office elders apartment (that was weird going back haha) and the next day we went to Ecully for the conference. It was so so good! President talked about faith, and used the principle from the scriptures of Christ calming the storm. We talked about how we have the power and the faith to do anything God wants us to, we just need to do it! We also talked about how to teach better and more often. The assistants gave a great presentation (even elder wade 😉 haha) and they taught us to use temples when people bring up the point that they were already baptized in the Catholic Church, etc. It instantly made sense to me and I loved the inspired idea! We flew back out that evening and got back to Bordeaux just in time to start planning Zone Training, where us 4 relay back to the zone what was talked about. 

For as long as I have been on my mission, Bordeaux zone has been called the "Bordeaux black hole". So people had negative ideas about this zone. One of my goals, that was approved my comp and the STLs was to change that! So, still going with the space theme, we thought of a new nickname.... Bordeaux's Belt! (Like Orion's Belt). See, instead of getting sucked into something, when you come to our zone you become a part of something! Every missionary in our zone helps complete the Belt, which holds up our areas!
We presented it at Zone training, as well as the other stuff about faith and action and using the power that we have been given. I thought it was a lot of fun and a great spiritual experience! It pumped me to to hear people's miracles and made me want to work hard to have our own! Which we did eventually! We also went to ikea and bought 6 bags of meatballs for lunch and mmmm, it was delicious! 

Miracle time! So we were thinking about faith one night during planning, and we decided that we needed to be more specific with out faith. So we individually thought of 3 different times where we could teach a lesson and find a new ami, and then showed each other. Oddly enough, 2 of our 3 were exactly the same: 15h and 17h30. So the next day I was super excited and we went out. We had been praying to be able to be in the same spot as the people we were going to find, and our first conversation with 2 African young men turned into a lesson and they became new amis! It ended as exactly 15h 😁 hooray! We kept walking and felt like we needed to go a specific way, but there was no one to talk to. We kept going and time was running short before our miracle was supposed to happen, when we saw a young woman so we started talking to her. She doesn't know if she believes in God and we told her that she is a daughter of god and talked about temples. She said she would be okay to see us again, so we exchanged numbers and prayed! Guess at what time? 17h34!! It was such a big testimony to me of the power of faith!

Our ami Jordan is doing great! He just needs to commit to baptism. He told us that if he didn't think this was all true, he wouldn't keep coming, but he does. The members think he is just a member as well. They get confused when we tell them he's our ami. Haha he is such a great guy, and I'm actually older than him, fun fact. But he looks like he's 24... He came to our crepe night (for which I made 50 crepes all by myself) and it was a great time. Please pray that he'll want to get baptized, because if he does, we can do it ASAP! 

That was our week, folks. It was full of faith and we all know that faith brings miracles, but only if we act and do our part. That's how it works. I thank my Heavenly Father for the tender mercies he gives us as we try our best to do His work here. I love him and I know He loves me, so it keeps me going. And with faith, we WILL baptize, there is no "can" about it, we will. That's the promise of our president, and I have complete faith that it's true. I love you all! Have a great fall week! PS, fall is happening here too! The leaves aren't very colorful but the weather is amazing and it's still beautiful! I love Bordeaux, and I love Bordeaux's Belt! 

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