Monday, September 19, 2016

In-Field Reporting

bringing out the big guns
Here I am, coming at you live, from Bordeaux, France! One of the most beautiful villes in the whole world! A member said that Bordeaux is one of the only places in France where you still feel like you are actually in France, and I agree! Its a classic ville with a lot of beautiful architecture and history. Its funny because 10 years ago, no one visited Bordeaux, it was just kind of a gross city, but the government has really taken steps to clean it up and make it a great place, and it's worked! I am in the Talence paroisse (ward), and so that means that our sector isnt really in Bordeaux meme, its kind of a suburb. It's still super nice though, and there are multiple universities here, so especially since school started again, there are a lot of students walking around. Its been a very interesting first week, and for those of you who thought maybe I could get some sleep, you were very wrong (I also thought that, but alas...). 

aerial view of Bordeaux from a large clock tower
So, I have felt like a brand new blue missionary all week. I didnt think that I would ever have to feel like that again, but I have! Thats because I am trying to get used to riding public transportation again and talking to people on it. The first night I talked to a guy who was super nice and gave us his number and I literally felt like it was my first night in the mission. Fun fact: I havent had to ride public transport in 10 months. I actually had forgotten about certain parts of missionary work, like what we do during studies or how to start a conversation with someone. I know it sounds sad but its the harsh reality!! I am picking it up slowly but surely, and am trying to be a good example. Its a rush though, talking to someone about the gospel! I forgot how much I love it! Also, Im walking a lot more and so I am going to lose all that office blurb. 

dinner with the Angouleme elders (elder steadman is the 
one with black hair and the one by him is a new blue) 
I took an 8 hour train voyage here from Lyon, and as we got in, we were met by my new companion, Elder Steadman (he's great! hes from Draper, Utah and only has a couple months left on his mission), and the other elders who were waiting for their companions as well. They all stayed chez nous and then the next morning, my first morning not having to take people to the airport at 4 am, we woke up at 5 am to get everyone to the gare (train station). The irony... Well, we have some super cool ami's here! One is named Jordan, we taught him, and he is 19 years old and from Guadeloupe and is great! He loves the messages, he is on track to get baptised. We also have a 19 year old girl frol French Guinea who is cool, but flaky. She loved the chapel tour and said she wanted to come to church but didnt show up. Then a 29 year old named Jimmy from another island somewhere who is super into Jesus! He has been studying medicine for 10 years and so he doesnt have a lot of time, but he took a Book of Mormon and said that he would love to read it, so we are going to see them more this next week, but it was fun to meet them. Also the members here are great! There are a lot of JA's (young adults) who love working with us! Our DMP is an older man, but he loves missionary work and is always there to help.

We had an interesting exchange with an equipe in our zone that consisted of a very nice, quiet missionary from Utah and a kind of crazy Tahitian missionary. They had some problems and in the end the tahitian went home, but it was kind of intense because we didnt want anyone to get hurt or anything, so we had to handle the situation pretty smoothly. They are both great guys though and it was sad to say goodbye. 

at the gare (it turns out I’m famous all throughout Bordeaux haha)
Its been pretty rainy, and one night we were in a store doing groceries and a GIANT storm started, so everyone was waiting at the front doors of the store for it to die down but the a river came into the store. So we sat down on some benches and ate some chocolate then ran through the rain to a bus stop. It was fun because everyone on the streets were laughing and talking to each other, because for some reason, little things like that bring humans together, even for us! Although no one took the sopping chocolate I offered ;)

All in all, its been great so far!  There will always be challenges to different things we are asked to do, and I will never feel qualified to do anything the Lord asks of me, but I love it here, and Im excited to see some miracles. I was looking at some scriptures in Preach My Gospel, and one of them was 2 Nephi 2:6-8. I will challenge you to read it and think about it. This is how I feel this week, I feel the need to make known to all the inhabitants of the earth the truth of their Savior! Its harder than it sounds, but its worth more than anything else. Remember that its the duty of us all to bring this knowledge to the world. You will be blessed as you do it! 

Avec amour, 

Elder Hall 
Your Favorite Missionary

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