Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Fond Farewell to the Office and A Lot of Leaving

that's me with a snake around 
my neck (ignore my terrible haircut...)
Here we find ourselves, at the end of yet another part of my mission. My replacement is trained, the transfer train tickets are bought, my suitcases are lying empty on my bed because we havent had time to pack. On Monday morning I will say goodbye to the bureau of the mission. Its been a great time. I've learned a lot about how the church works on a logistical level, I've seen miracles in a work environment, I've become more confident and gained some leadership skills. (I've also lost a lot of sleep I will never get back and thats why I have 2 giant, black dufflebags hanging underneath my eyes haha). Through revelation to President Brown, the Lord has called me to a different task. He wants me to be a traditional missionary again (I hope I can remember how to do that...) and wants me to go to... wait for it... Bordeaux! Missions are all about being put into situations that make you uncomfortable, so hes called me to be the zone leader there as well. Im going to need all the prayers I can get! haha But I am super excited to start this new chapter of these 2 years. Ive only ever served in Lyon and Ajaccio, so it'll be interesting to see what a new ville is like. Now, let me explain how the last week of my service in the office went. Ehem....

Presidents P day 
Monday was President P-Day, and of course we didnt want to miss it, so we went, with all the other missionaries in Lyon and had a blast! We played volleyball for like 2 hours, and it was one of the funnest games of volleyball Ive ever played! Even President got in on the fun! Unfortunately, I stepped on a bee. I felt a pique and then I was like, 'I must have stepped on a pine needle', but there was no pine tree and then it kept hurting so I looked down and the bee was just stuck in my foot so I did the hokey pokey and I turned myself around and it fell off. The next thing I knew, 3 elders were carrying me up the hill to remove the stinger. It was quite the scene haha. Well, I kept playing because I wanted to. Days later the pain hadn't gone away and my foot was red and swollen up so I had to go to the doctor, but now its getting much better! Don't worry, that bee got his reward... instant death. 

We also got to drive some brand new cars right off the lot! I didnt because I cant drive anymore, but I rode in the car that was driven fresh off the lot! I felt so cool!

this is my "His Grace" mission display :)
(it's a Mormon message series) 
We taught english class again this week, and you'll be glad to know that the stories were rated G this time. ;) We had 4 people show up, which is pretty good! We also got to go on a little exchange with our zone leader to teach one of their potential ami's, who was super cool and soaked everything in. In other news, we've been having quite a lot of mangez-vous with people since I'm leaving. I have gotten to the point where I will walk off 3 chins in my first week in Bordeaux!! Haha ;) 

our ward missionaries and ward mission leaders
We had our Transfer Planning Meeting with President and the Assistants and the office staff on Thursday, and we all looked back on this transfer, transfer 103, with a deep breath that it is finally over. As well, President wished me good luck and said something very kind. He said that no missionary has had a greater impact on this mission for good than I have. I'm not sure if I believe that, but I really appreciated it. President Brown is an amazing man, and I look up to him! 

We did trains and all that transfer jazz, nothing is going too badly so far, but if it does, guess who wont have to deal with it!? :) 

Elder Patton my favorite blue 
This week I want to just leave you all with a scripture that will leave you with some other things. Its found in John 14:27. It says, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." I testify that the gospel brings peace to us, the atonement helps us let go of fear, it calms out troubled hearts. Jesus Christ offers us a peace, a love and a Spirit that is worth so much more than we can be offered by anything in the world. Sometimes its hard to remember or to realize how true that is. When you are flung into something that you might not feel confident with, Christ will give you the help necessary, Heavenly help. Thats the only way I have gotten myself through this calling in the office. I have delt with things that would have been impossible for me to do by myself. I have seen Him guide me and the others here, so that this mission can keep moving forward, temporally and spiritually. That's what I count on going forward.I'm going to miss this place, and the amazing people I get to work with everyday, but I can't wait to see what awaits me in these next coming months. Whatever it is, I know that I will have the power to do it, because if I can serve for 6 months in the mission office, I can and will do anything He needs me to. 

Avec amour, 

Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary 

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