Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Utah or Bordeaux?

Elder Pesnell and snow haha (ignore 
my red eye, my contact was acting up) 
Well everyone, there's a reason this email is coming a little bit later than usual, and it's because... I have been transferred. I was on a train all day yesterday, because I have been asked to come to Geneva, Switzerland to be the zone leader. My new companion is Elder Pesnell, he came in with me, and we have actually served around each other a lot, I'm excited! Before anything else, it is absolutely freezing here. No exaggeration, I think I might lose some extremities haha... but leaving Bordeaux was so so sad. I kinda thought I would be, so we fixed a ton of RDVs with our people, and let me tell you, I felt like a 100% Utah missionary this past week. There's a lot of stuff to talk about, so let's get to it! 

From Friday of two weeks ago to Saturday of last week, we have eaten 13 meals with members. Because I think Elder Sebra and I broke some kind of record, and to prove I'm not lying, I'm going to tell you who we ate with and what! 

    Emmanuel- pasta

    Magré- Chinese chicken

    Vendassi- raclette

    Moutoumalya- duck

    Villin- raclette

    Scott- enchiladas

    Genes- spaghetti

    Le camus- lasagna

    Lerbsher- rice and chicken

    Adam, Bernice, Thomas- Japanese

    Lancelot- chili

    Yuwai- soup and spinach pork

    Vendassi- pizza

a small rodent is bigger than this European car haha
You have to also understand that in France, there isn't just one course, so that was the main course and then with them all there was bread, cheese, salad, and dessert. Mmmmm... the best part of it though was the time we got to spend with the members. They are honestly so wonderful. 

At church, it was hard saying goodbye. It was hard saying goodbye to Antoine Villin (our ami in the part member family), he even said that one day when he gets baptized, he will think of me, and that gives me hope that he will be baptized, and their family will be eternal! 

primary selfie 
I loved serving with Elder Sebra, we have become best friends. When people see that missionaries get along as an equipe, it brings a whole different mood to lessons and contacts. I am so thankful I was able to serve with him. In our transfer call, President told us that we have transformed the Bordeaux Zone, but I know that none of it was me, it was all the Lords hands and the amazing missionaries that we had there. It changed from a "black hole" to one of the highest baptizing, hardest working zones in the mission, and I am so thankful I was able to witness and be a small part in that! 

last RDV with the Vendassi's 
We were the témoignes for another baptism of a different equipe BTW. Also, one cool contacting story- we were trying to find a bus stop and we were kind of lost, and this African walked by us, and even though we were in a hurry, I found myself stopping him all the sudden to talk to him. Turns out he is a potential that we already had in the phone, but he loves Jesus and we fixed a RDV with him! I won't be there for the RDV, but it was a cool miracle! 

So here I am now, in Swiss where the chocolate is beautiful, the snow capped mountains remind me of Utah, and the prices of everything are 10x higher! Haha I'm excited for this new adventure, and can't wait to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me here. I just need to follow the spirit, work my heart out, and stay warm! 

I love you all, have a great week! 

Avec amour, 
Elder Hall 

Your Favorite Missionary

saying goodbye to the villins

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