Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Gospel is Like a Dance and a BBQ

France, Lion mission
Hello all you Hall-Monitors (that's what I'll call the people in general that read my emails haha I need to take advantage of this opportunity while I still can!). I don't have a ton of time tonight, but we had a great week. First off, it's been freezing cold here, like so cold that it actually snowed on Tuesday. This wasn't a good ol Utah snowstorm, in fact, you had to squint to see the flakes but it snowed anyways and that never happens here in Bordeaux! All the spider webs froze and it was actually kind of scary to see how many spider webs there actually are in France... I don't know if it's just because this is a super old country or what but they are hanging on everything!

"we are men"- Mulan
Last P-day, a family in our ward, la famille Catherine, took us to see a super cool classic French ville called St. Emilion, which is known for its wine. It was so pretty and fun to be with them and their three sons who are the French embodiments of Alvin, Simon and Theodore! Today we spent the day with the other missionaries in Lormont and played games and looked at stuff.

Also, I set some goals for how I want to improve as a missionary for the rest of this year, work wise as well as spiritually and I have seen that it's working, I feel like a better missionary every day! I've been talking to a lot more people and am trying to take every opportunity to share the gospel. We went to district Meeting and while we were waiting in the gare (train station) a man started to talking to me and I was able to give him the address to the Church in the ville- Perigueux, and share some scriptures about resurrection because his brother had just passed away. We also gave out a Book of Mormon to a guy who I'm not sure is all there... but he has something now that can help him in many ways.

district Meeting, I'm holding a microphone, the thing I do best haha
Speaking of District Meeting, we went to Angouleme district (which I know means absolutely nothing to you haha) and we talked about the talk "The Music of the Gospel". It was cool to listen to experiences and discuss about how we can help our amis listen and feel the gospel in their lives. I talked about how I am not a great dancer, and so sometimes when I want to dance, I will go into a different room and dance all by myself, making sure that no one can see... well, if we do that with our testimonies or the truths of the gospel we won't be showing others how much it means to us, in other words, if we never dance share our dancing with others, if they can never see it, it will only ever make us happy. That serves as a good reminder to us all to let our love for the gospel show, so that people can see how happy it makes us, and so we can help them hear the music and learn the dance!

In other news, we had four mangez-vous with members in two days, and two of those were lessons in the presence! The Vendassi's invited their neighbor over and we shared a thought about temples and she liked it. She was able to see that we are normal people too, and commented on the values and light we have. It was cool. We also saw Antoine, the husband in the part member family who is great, and we asked him about baptism after reading in 3 Nephi 11, he really opened up, and said that deep down he believes some of it, but he has never taken the time to make the efforts. We compared it to selling BBQs which is what he does, and said that some people want the best BBQ for the smallest price, and some people will look at all the BBQs and choose the cheapest, lowest quality one just because they don't want to put the effort into learning about the different kinds, and we told him that we are here to introduce him to the best BBQ and after that it's up to him to act and find out for himself. We asked him to simply pray, and he said that he will do it. It was a cool experience, and we know that he will get an answer.

Also, I've been really touched by the Sacrément lately. It was a really cool experience to take in on Christmas and feel the spirit confirm once more that Christ was born to be our Savior, and thus He atoned for us. On New Years Day I was excited to start off the new year by renewing the purifying covenant of baptism, and yet remind myself that we can start fresh every week, we don't just have to wait until the year is over and started again. And this past week, the sacrément lifted a heavy burden, and my prayers were answered as I felt it's power and accepted, once again, Christ's sacrifice for me. It is so wonderful that we have this blessing.

Well this week will be interesting because we have at least one mangez-vous every day, and on a couple days we have 2! Also it's transfer calls and I am nervous, because there is a really good chance that I could leave. We'll see but needless to say Talence and Bordeaux will always have a very special place in my heart. You will all have to wait for a week! Haha

Have a good one!

Avec amour,
Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

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