Monday, January 30, 2017

Bear It

fun from on high
Dear Hall Monitors (you thought I would forget about that but I haven't! 😉) I'm pleased to tell you that this week my eyes didn't get frostbite! Haha jk, it wasn't really that bad, but this week it was actually not as cold. We have a pharmacie across the street from us and I look at the temperature on the electronic sign they have and it got up to +2 so I was thrilled! (That's Celsius btw, so it's not as bad as you were thinking haha). We had a lot of fun this week. Last P-Day our bishops wife, Soeur Corneta, took us and the sisters to the main cathédrale in Vieux Geneve, so that was pretty cool, and I think I hit a record for the most I've played fut in one week (ca veut dire 2 times ((2 times too much haha)) ).

I forgot to tell you about the singing lesson we had with the English 
elders potential who is a professional singing teacher.
We've visited a couple families in the ward. There are a lot of older people, but we have had some good RDVs with younger families too. The family we went to eat lunch with the Soeurs is our DMP, Le famille Gerino, and they have 3 adorable little kids that speak English fluently, but with little bitty accents and it was so cute. We also went chez la famille Müller, I don't know if I told you about them, but they invite us over pretty often. They are an older couple, the sister I gave a blessing to, and they love missionaries and missionary work. Right now, I am helping her with her family history (because I love family history!) and they want to have us come over with some friends, so that will be great! Another family we are going to visit tonight is the couple Volpicelli, who are so great too. A little backstory: President and Soeur Brown came to our ward yesterday and talked about helping the missionaries and member missionary work. Afterwards, Frere Volpicelli came up to us and was like "hey, I had a crazy idea while president Brown was speaking. We've lived in the same house for 30 years and have never invited our neighbors to a fhe with the missionaries. Do you think you can come do that with us every Monday night?" We said we will have to think about it... JK of course we will!

Funny story real quick. There's a Soeur in our ward named Soeur Humez. She is very sick with cancer and can't go outside because of the cold, so she will call us randomly to run little errands for her. Well, she called us over one day and when we arrived, we asked her what we could do for her. She gave us her credit card and pointed at her bathroom and said, "The flooring in here is 40 years old and I want something brighter. Take this and go buy me some linoleum, and make sure it matches the tile on this wall." Well the tile was a weird pinkish color but we accepted. We went to a couple stores until we found good linoleum. Luckily, this isn't the first time on my mission I had to do some interior decorating haha. We chose a good kind and brought it back to her. She was happy, so she gave us her blender haha (we already bought her a juicer).

We started samedi Sportif again. So that's why we played fut twice, once for P day and once on Saturday... WHY AM I CURSED LIKE THIS?! Oh well, I play the best when I don't try at all so there.

THE AMAZING BORDEAUX CREW look how wonderful! 
This week we also had MLC, so us, the sisters, and the ZLs and STLs from Lausanne (the other Suisse zone) took a train to Lyon on Wednesday night, because there was a worldwide missionary broadcast, so we all watched it at the office. The executive missionary committee talked about how we can continue to teach repentance and baptize converts. They talked a lot about things said in last years broadcast as well. I took a lot of notes, but something that marked me was when I was looking through my notes from last year and this year, I saw something interesting. On both, without even knowing it, I wrote "BEAR TESTIMONY", all capitals and very indépendant on both. It must have been the spirit telling me to continue bearing testimony, to do it at every chance I have! It was a cool reminder that I have the opportunity to do it all the time, and I need to take advantage of that. And you all can too! BEAR TESTIMONY! It's as simple as that!

Some other changes were made to the mission schedule, for example we have more time on P days to accomplish our tasks, we can go to sleep a little earlier at night if we need it and we only have 30 minutes for lunch. It is interesting, and we will see how it works! Our mission schedule was adapted from the schedule that the apostles presented, so its particular.

So that was our week. We are passing a lot of people, and trying hard to work with members. We are going to deliver a bible to a man that stopped us and asked for one. Besides that, we are trying to bring a little bit of fire back to this sector! Please keep praying for us!

Have a great week, I love you all and don't forget to BEAR TESTIMONY!

Avec amour,

Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

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