Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween II

You can't spell Halloween without Hall (I know I make puns like these very frequently, I KNOW). But it's been such a good week with all the Halloween puns and getting my new comp and gosh so much has happened! I need to get started or else I won't be able to tell all of it!

this is a scary picture I took that is too 
scary for missionaries haha
So on Monday I got my new companion and his name is Elder Sebra. He is so so fun to be around, we laugh all the time. It's been a very needed change haha. He is from California and speaks French so well! Well we have worked harder this week than I have in a long time, and it just feels so refreshing! We even went back to that families house where we sanded the ceiling (or whatever it's called) and painted their walls. *this house is brought to you by the missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints*.  We also taught 20 lessons again this week. It's interesting having that as a goal, because it makes us want to use every opportunity to be talking and teaching people. There was one day where we had 4 hours of contacting and porting time scheduled so we went at it. Unfortunately no one wanted to talk to us... we contacted literally every person in our path for an hour and we didn't get any further than 4 words before they all said "j'ai pas du temps" or "je ne suis pas intéressé". In French that means "no." Then there was this one lady who said she already had one of our cards and so I cried out in pathetic desperation "CALL US!" Haha but then we found some good people, because Heavenly Father saw that we needed a win haha.

Also, do you people remember our ami Jordan who is super cool but didn't want to let the missionaries teach him anymore
when you see it... 
because he was 
too integrated? Well we decided we needed to do something, so we talked to him. We told him that we love him, and we want him to be as happy as possible, and we want to help teach him and show him how to find the responses to his questions. It was super heartfelt and the spirit was so strong, and ever since then, he has made a 180 degree change. He loves being with us, and we are even able to teach him multiple times since. He is such a great guy, and you'll love his costume. 😏

here is Jordan as elder hall! 
Also, I think that Halloween has never been so celebrated by missionaries before, ever. Let's start with our attempt at
trick-or-treating. Well, it wasn't really traditional trick or treating, but us and the sisters bought some candy at the store and went to visit several member families with kids and gave them candy and a spiritual thought (D&C 6:33-37). It was super fun and really sparked the members! Right after, we went to the church to make some chili with Jordan! We found a way to make homemade chili with French ingredients that is super good. It was a lot of fun, and we actually made it for a young adult Halloween party we were invited to because Jordan was going. Jordan had a great idea for a Halloween costume and so I helped him out. He wanted to dress up as a missionary! So I gave him a plaque and a tie and he looked like such a good elder hall! Except for the fact that he's black... but hey, it wouldn't be the first time! 😂 All night people mistook him for a missionary. I prayed that he would feel the spirit and want to become a real missionary but we'll work on getting him baptized first haha.

this is us inverse trick or treating to our members
(you can't see the candy in the bag but it's there) 
In other news, we had a great Halloween party with us missionaries for PDay. Elder Sebra and I took it upon ourselves to have a fun party, so we bobbed for apples, did those donut on a string contests, made a pumpkin and played Werewolf. It was super fun! I dressed up as an American missionary with my fat pants haha.

I will return to the scripture we shared and use it as my spiritual thought. It is the Savior talking, telling us to "fear not and doubt not", but asking us to feel the marks in His hands and feet, and to believe. Jesus Christ is our light, brighter than any jack-o-lantern, He is our foundation, His spirit is stronger than any Ghost or ghoul, He is our salvation. With Him, even when everything around us can seem scary, we can be at peace. We have nothing to fear, because with Christ on our side nothing is impossible. Have a Happy Halloween and remember that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is boo-tiful. 🎃

Elder Hall-Oween

Your Favorite Missionary

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