Monday, October 10, 2016

The Good Kind of Grinding

Thus I throw the sand (I am so white if you can’t tell) 
Hello, hello! This week was a grind week, which means that we worked hard because we didn't have anything else to do. In our zone we have an acronym for G.R.I.N.D. God requires individual nonstop dedication. It's pretty true, because when you don't have a ton of ami's, or mangez-vous, or rendez-vous at all, you go out and grind. Alors voila, notre semain! Although there were some cool things that happened, but you'll see what those were as you read on! 

So a part of this week was the fact that we made a big ikea buy to furnish our apartment, which had nothing but two desks, a bunk bed and a kitchen drawer thing that was actually falling down haha. So we took a couple hours to travel to ikea, pick the things we needed and on Friday morning at 7h00 they were delivered to us. It's nice to have places to put our plates and food and clothes :). 

this was our coke commercial at the dunes lol
Also, I don't know if I've talked a lot about our ami Jordan, but he is great! He is 18 years old from Guadeloupe and is too integrated into the church. Oh wait, did I say too integrated? Yup. It's exactly that... It's a funny problem to have, but he is so busy with institute, hanging out with members and FHE that he doesn't have time to see us! We try everything to get lessons in, and that meant that we went to the young adult theater practice night. Oh the things we do to teach him! I know he will get baptized, he just needs to finish the lessons. He comes to church almost every week, at this point he is just a dry Mormon! So we will keep working and waiting and praying and doing French theater exercises until the spirit tells him that now is the time! 

my exchange with Elder Sorenson and Tarzan boy haha
In other news, we went on an exchange this week with a district leader in our zone and his blue companion. I got to go with Elder Sorensen, the blue.  Again, I don't know if I've ever told you how much I love spending time with blues. They are just so fun to be around because they have an energy, a love of missionary work, an unbreakable faith that you don't feel with the average missionary! We grinder all day, ca veut dire we contacted and ported for 8 hours... But we got 8 lessons and 20 conversations during that time! Elder Sorensens French is pretty basic (just like mine was a year ago) but when he bore testimony, it was powerful and I could feel it, but more importantly the people could. I felt a need to work harder when I was with him and to be a good example, which I hope I was! We got to talk a lot, and he is just an all around good guy, also super funny and very sincere. We talked to some funny people, an English speaking woman looking for her 7 cats because it was their dinner time, a painter who I think was black but his paint must have turned him all white, and a little Tarzan boy we met in the forest (you'll see him in the pictures)! We also were guided to talk to a woman at her home who had met the missionaries before and we invited her to pray and we both felt that we had followed the spirit right to her gate. What an exchange! 

angouleme district Meeting (the amazing lunch) 
The next day we went to a ville called Limoges for their district Meeting which was really good except for the fact that I couldn't find my cardigan so when we got there and it was the 2nd ice age I felt like I was slowly dying hahaha. Oh well, one of the missionaries prepared the most ornate missionary Meeting lunch I've ever seen! It was so impressive. 

We also started English class up! We had a pretty good turn out for the first night, and it was so fun to teach and talk to these frenchies in English. 😉 I love the different accents they have, and especially when they try to say words with "th" sounds or "I" sounds because aren't used to it. I think I like it so much because it's like a sweet turnaround revenge for the fact that we have to learn French and sometimes still stink at it! Haha 

Well, because we grinded all week, we were blessed to receive 20 lessons, which is the goal for every missionary équipe but especially the leaders. It felt good to be out working hard, seeing blessings and testifying harder than I have in months. With the inspiration of General Conference still pushing me along and the love of my Savior which is rekindled every time I bear witness of His love to the people of France, I feel great, I finally feel like a good missionary leader, which I am so humbled to be. This next week is going to be exciting and started off well as we went to the biggest sand dune in Europe today for PDay. I can't wait to tell you all about zone conference and any other surprises. But until then, and in every other moment, we will keep grinding, and I invite you all to do so as well, because God requires individual nonstop determination, whether you're a missionary or not. Grind with joy and don't forget, je vous aime! 

Avec amour, 
Elder Hall 

Your Favorite Missionary 

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