Monday, November 30, 2015

Wedding Bells and a Cheesy Thanksgiving

I have a lot to tell this week! My dad wrote me a couple weeks ago and told me that missions are like mini lives, and I would have to say that after the last couple weeks I've had, he is completely right! This week I got to see the beautiful and coveted Corsica, but the most amazing things I've found here are the people, and we'll get to them later. (PS sorry that was super cheesy. Truly, I am.) I think I'm
going to like it here, and I know I'm going to grow a ton. So without further ado, I present... Corsica! (I'm going to stop being so cheesy now... oh my gosh that's just WAY too much, wow.)

So, my comps are pretty cool. Elder Wade is the one I have never been with before so we're getting to know each other. We are so different in a lot of ways, and then so similar in a lot of other ways it's
actually really funny haha he doesn't quite understand my humor yet but he will arrive. It's weird going from a 5 man apartment in a city filled with other missionaries to being exiled on an island with only my 2 companions. But it's a lot of fun! We have a car and I'm learning the French road rules so I can drive bientôt! It's a whole different world down here for missionaries. We can and do teach in our apartment, our amis just come over and bring us food and we teach them in our living room haha.

me with Sylvia and Noel after the wedding
Speaking of amis, we have 2 extremely amazing ones right now, they're named Sylvia and Noel. Now, you will see pictures of them, but they are some of the most amazing, faithful people I've ever met, and I just love them so much! They are getting baptized next Saturday but before they got baptized, they needed to get married, so this past Saturday we had a wedding! Just so we get this straight, I had a funeral and a marriage in 2 weeks. If that doesn't sound like my life, I don't know what does! Haha but not only was it a wedding of our amis, but we got to be the témoignes! (Witnesses). So we got to sit in the middle and sign the papers after the lady said that they were married. It was quite an honor and a once in a lifetime experience I think! So then we got to go to the after party and it was there that I realized just how much I love it here.
the room and my beau face
First some background, we have a group here in Ajaccio, that means that there are literally 11 members here. Half of them are old and the other half are young and diverse, but gosh dang it these are the most fun, kind people I've
ever met! You know how much I love diversity, and you know how much I love members, so when I looked around our table at all the members that came to support Sylvia and Noel, all their smiles and personalities, I couldn't stop smiling! I am so excited to get to know all 11 of these people so well and I already love them! I wish you could all meet them! Anyways, there was a lot of good food and some dancing and the family members got kinda drunk but it was funny to look at our table with the sparking cider and coffee things still on the plates! I'll send some pictures!

Thanksgiving was not like thanksgiving back at home, but it reminded me about all that I'm thankful for and gave me so much more to be! We decided to make some cookies and deliver them to the members and then film them saying what they were grateful for. A ton of them said missionaries and the church and that was so cool because it wasn't just to add something spiritual, it was literally the thing for which they loved the most! It was such a testimony builder because to be a faithful member of the church here would not be easy, but they do it and they do it with a smile and a thankful heart! That night, Sylvia and Noel brought over some fruit cake and that (as well as a salad before bed) was our thanksgiving feast! I didn't have a lot to eat, but I was definitely fed. (Ok, that was the last cheesy thing!)

our basketball night
Also, elder Wade loves basketball. We went into a print shop one day to try and get my passport photocopied so that I could legally be a witness at the wedding. Well, the guy working saw I was from Utah and asked if we knew the Jazz. Elder Wade got talking to him and long story short he invited us to come play with his basketball team who he coaches, just of younger teenagers. So we showed up and I didn't want to make a complete fool of myself in front of a ton of strangers so I sat out, but while they were all playing, I took the opportunity to film and add some commentary, and it felt like I was back doing what I love! Haha it was a tender mercy in a situation that I thought could only bring me depression hahaha and hopefully we can teach this guy soon!

the Corsican V 
I cannot believe I'm here on Corsica. We actually went to the beach today with Sylvia and watched
the sunset. It is every France, Lyon missionaries dream to be here. I have truly been given a blessing that I need to do everything I can to live up to. The Lord knows what He's doing. He has prepared people and we are going to find them. It's like hide and seek, but the prize is eternal salvation, so we've gotta be good seekers! I know that with Gods help I can sniff em out! haha I love this church. It is so true! I love my Savior, He came to the Earth and I get to tell everyone about it! I love you all, and honestly thank each and every one of you for your support, love, faith and courage. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me, but until then I'll keep preaching the gospel.

Tellement d'amore,

Elder Hall

waving goodbye to the continent 

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