Monday, November 23, 2015

Of Corse

Elder Hall with Elder and Sister Sweeney at church in Lyon
Today I took my big adventure out of Lyon for the first time. Yes, it's transfer time again, and with transfers came a huge surprise. I'll explain it all a little later but that's a good enough hook I think! Haha but anyway, it's just regular here, the new regular I guess! There were a bunch of cool things that happened this past week that I'm looking forward to telling you all about, so with that, let'sstart off with an awesome miracle!

On Wednesday, Elder Brown and I didn't have a lot planned, we went connecting for a little bit in the park but it was not very successful. We had a rendez-vous planned at our church so we decided we'd go to the church and get some stuff done before our ami showed up. We got there and were sitting in the foyer area for maybe 5 minutes when we heard a sound like someone was trying to open the door. Well, with all the crazy stuff that's been happening we both looked at each other like "psh, I don't know what to do!" So Elder Brown went and opened the door and there was a little African lady standing out there. We invited her in and she told us that she passed this church every day on her way to work and randomly that day she decided to stop by and see if we were having church, and what luck (wink wink) the missionaries just so happened to be there! We sent her away with a Book of Mormon, our number and an invitation to church.

here's my new gang haha

Next, I told you last week about how Christelle's dad passed away, well this past Friday was his funeral. Now, for any of you that really know me, it would only make sense that I would go to a funeral on my mission because it was a little overdue HA. But it was in an old Catholic cathedral and it was so sad! But there was some Mormon aspects which was pretty funny and also very awesome. One of the prayers that Christelle had to write started with "Cher pere Celeste" which is dear Heavenly Father and for those of you who don't know, Catholics don't say that haha. They also read a scripture from Alma and told everyone it was from the Book of Mormon and then the song that was played when the casket was rolled out was MoTab amazing grace! Haha but Christelle appreciated that we went to support her. I felt the spirit so strong when that last song came on and then I figured out why I love our church!

this is Caesar, he's the best! 
Now for the juicy deets! This week was transfer calls and I was really hoping to stay with elder Brown because I love him a ton! We got them on the way to the funeral and president told me that I would be going to.... Corsica! I'm going to a ville called Ajaccio with 2 companions, and here's the second surprise, they are Elder Johnson (my trainer) and Elder Jesse Wade (Utah Mr. basketball last year). I was not expecting any of that! So right now I am sitting in a ville called Toulon, waiting to get on a ferry that will take us over to Corsica and in the morning I will be on an island! This transfer has a lot in store! (It's like spiritual Survivor) You never know with your mission, but I am someone that hates change so I am pretty shocked haha. But I have had several experiences where I knew that the Lord has called me here because I have a specific work to do. And this thanksgiving season I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be here in France serving the Lord. I'm going to do a little thanks-a-mony vit fait, but I am thankful for Heavenly Father keeping us safe, for His ever loving hand in all things, and for the blessings He so mercifully pours out upon me! I'm thankful for my family and friends and the love and prayers I feel from them all the time. I am thankful for chocolate (especially the Swiss kind), for church members, for coats and for warm showers! 

Have a happy Thanksgiving! I love you all so so much!

Gros bisou!

Elder Hall

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