Monday, December 7, 2015

A White Christmas

What a week! Spoiler alert: we had a baptism this week and this was my first one on my mission, but you get to wait a little bit to read about that. I'll start with some not so spiritual stuff so that when I
tell you about the baptism it's even better! D'accord? D'accord! So this week I got to cut my own hair. I always promised that I would never, but it's just come to that point haha I was pretty scared as I was seeing large chunks of hair fall on the floor, but when it was over and I looked in the mirror, I was surprised to find that it was actually REALLY good! The best one I've gotten on my mission so far! So I was feeling pretty good, and the next night Elder Johnson asked me to trim up the back of his neck. So I go and as soon as I shaved the first part I knew that I'd made a terrible mistake. I cut off probably two inches from the back of his hair. My face was utter terror and Elder Wade and I both lost it. I ended up finishing but it looks pretty funny and I felt bad. That's what pride does.
I hope this picture doesn't scare you, but now you can all remember the real me haha

Also, I got to know Elder Wade pretty well this week because we had to drive up to the top of the island a couple times and then Elder Johnson got sick and while he was sleeping we just had some good heart to hearts. He's a great guy, very funny and stuff, but remember how I said that we are so different yet so similar, that is COMPLETELY true! Also, he taught me how to drive so I've been the conducteur this week and let me tell you that driving in France is basically doing whatever you want and then putting your emergency lights on while you are doing it! Haha but it's fun to drive again. Also, we went running on the beach one morning, and as much as it killed me, it was something cool that I've never done! Especially in December...
This week my family sent me a birthday package with a make-it-yourself Christmas tree and so we decorated and are all in the Christmas spirit! But then the tree died... But it's still awesome and brings happiness and a little home-ness to our apartment. And the Christmas season is so cool! It's pretty warm here so I feel weird, but I can't wait to see the miracles that come from the spirit of Christ being poured out upon the earth. I'm going to talk about Christmas in a little bit too, so hang in there!

The baptism!!

So, at the beginning of the week, we were supposed to have 2 baptisms this week, Sylvia and Noel, the ami's that got married last time. Well, there was a series of events that happened and it turns out that Noel didn't have to be baptized, because he is handicapped in some ways, and is already basically innocent. If you could see the amazing amount of faith that these 2 have, you would love them as much as I do! But Sylvia still got to be baptized, and because we don't have a chapel here, we do baptisms at the beach. I was asked to give a talk on baptism so I did, then elder Johnson and I were witnesses and elder Wade baptized her. Wow, the spirit was SO strong! She was so prepared for this! I actually got the opportunity to confirm her at church. I was super stressed all week and especially Sunday morning because this would be the first blessing I'd ever given in French and it was in front of a ton of people. I had been fasting to give a good blessing, and really was leaving it all up to the Lord. I gave the blessing, and the important parts were perfect because I had tried to memorize it, and the rest of the blessing was good, I felt the spirit so strong, but I was so disappointed in my French. It wasn't what I thought I would be blessed with. As I was think back on it, I realized what a blessing it was to get to confirm someone as a member of Christs true church. I am not perfect, but luckily our Heavenly Father works through imperfect instruments. And the thing that matters isn't my French, it is the fact that a soul was brought unto Christ. That is what this thing I'm doing for 2 years is all about. It's not about me, it's about sharing the amazing message of Christ, and helping Him bring salvation to the children of God who don't know where to find truth. Voila! My first baptismal experience here was just perfect! I feel truly blessed to be here on Corsica.

our little group
And now just a thought about Christmas. What a wonderful time of year where we get to have everything centered on our Lord and Savior! If you haven't seen the new Christmas video the church released, you should. This season, I would ask you all to look for some gifts you can give to Christ. Think of all the gifts He's given you! I promise that as you do this, you will feel the spirt of Christmas stronger than ever! I love you all, I love Jesus Christ, and I love the truthfulness of this church! Have a great week!

Elder Hall

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