Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy (Elder) Hall-oween!

I love puns! Good day everyone! Does anyone else feel like time is speeding up? Well I definitely do and I wish it would stop. But this week was so interesting and fun, and Heavenly Father gave us some pretty cool blessings. So without further audieu... let me tell you a little about my Hallo-week. 

I made some funny halloween decorations and then another elder got sent some, so our apartment was pretty festive! We had a halloween party that Ill explain later and so for that our apartment was in charge of making some cake and some pinatas.

Our bat piƱatas and costumes
Elder Brown and I made the cake, and then we helped the others make some awesome bat pinatas. I cut out the eyes, and Ill attach a picture so you can see how cool they are! Haha also, we even got to dress up (a little at least), but I tied a couple of ties together and then switched tags with Elder Bleak, the chinese speaking elder, so that Elder Brown and I were the Chinese equipe for Halloween! Haha also, for our morning hymns, we sang a Christmas song but replaced all the christmas words with "hal-ween!" It was all just a ton of fun! Ill explain the climax of our awesome party later on, but first I want to tell you about food.

Elder Brown and I got to eat ratatouille this week, and it didnt look anything like the stuff in the movie, but in fact it tasted a bajillion times better (I assume haha). It was at a members house, and speaking of members, we have been receiving some inspiration lately that our ward needs to be motivated to do member missionary work, so we spent some time coming up with a family mission plan that will be fun and also spiritually motivating. We are going to put it into action this week and hope that maybe we can help some of the members to increase their desire to do missionary work, or at least to grow their faith! 

I want to tell you all about Chrystelle, our ami. Ive already told you a little about her, but we are just becoming best friends with her and its so fun! So her dad, the old french one, saw her Book of Mormon just lying on the table and tried to steal it so he could read it, and she texted us saying "do you think that you can bring a Book of Mormon to our next rendez-vous so that my dad doesnt keep
A member of our ward took this pic of us in the fog on Sunday morning! 
trying to steal mine?" hahaha I was dying and of course we never turn down a chance to give out a Book of Mormon so we signed it as "les missionnaires patissieres" (the baking missionaries) and gave it to her for him. Well anyway, she is progressing so fast and so well! Every question that comes out of her mouth during lessons is perfect! Its amazing! There was a time this week that we found out that her husband might not be ok with her taking lessons, so we were pretty scared. Then God started working miracles and the coolest thing happened! 

Happy Halloween from Elder Hall! 
So the sisters of the other ward put together a Halloween party for saturday night and so we invited a bunch of our amis. The night of Halloween, we went to help set up, and as members, missionaries and amis started trickling in, we were waiting and hoping that ours would show up. Finally I saw a familiar face, and it was Chrystelle and her husband, Joel! We got to talk to them a bunch and introduce them to some of the other missionaries and members, and it was just what they needed! At one point, we even got to explain to Joel about baptism and what exactly we do as missionaries, and asked him if he would like to join us for some lessons with Chrystelle, and he said he would love to! THAT IS A MIRACLE and it was just an answer to our prayers and worries that maybe he wouldnt let her keep going, but he is and Heavenly Father must have big things in store for her! Also, she is going to help me learn French because she speaks french and english and perfectly! She is just the best, I wish you could all meet her and her family! And that was my halloween miracle. Also, some people just thought that we were dressing up as Mormons for Halloween, which in some way is kind of true haha.

So it was a wonderful week, and I hope you all had a good one too! I also got to go porting for the first time this week and it was so fun! We saw a couple miracles there, met a guy who hasnt seen the missionaries in 40 years and gave away 2 Book of Mormons! God loves us all so much! He just wants us to be happy, but we have to do all we can for that! This week, see if you can write down all the little tender mercies you see and I promise you will be happier, see more miracles and appreciate the little things in life more than you ever have! 

I love you all! 

Elder Hall

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