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2) elder Mendel exchange!
I can't believe that I've been here for 100 weeks. If i had the time I would tell you my top 100 mission experiences, or 100 acts of service I've done, or 100 different times I've eaten chocolate here but instead I'll just tell you how week 100 went. Disclaimer: it went well.

mixing our 15 kilo meal
So first off, we had our big multi Zone conference this week. On Monday night, us and the STLs with some other missionaries spent 5 hours preparing lunch for 50 people. We prepared 15 kilos of meat, rice and beans to stuff inside tortillas, we cut 6 watermelons, and made 5 kilos of sauce. My companion cut his hand and threw up, but not in the food, and so it was a successful night haha. The next day we had our Zone conference. I was asked to conduct, and then Elder Hoffmann and I presented on how to help our amis keep commitments to read specific passages in the Book of Mormon. It was good, but short, because there were so many missionaries who had to give their departing testimonies, me included. It's weird because I've watched my whole mission as groups of missionaries give this last testimony and I've stressed about what to say and I never thought I would actually have to do it haha. 
Zone conference
But as I started, I was able to talk a little bit about the other missionaries going home and what they have contributed to this mission, and then give my very simple testimony of the church of Jesus Christ, the restoration and the Book of Mormon. I love how I was able to see my growth even as I was testifying compared to the elder Hall that left 2 years ago. But it was a good conference, one of my favorite ones of my mission. Before I left, President caught me and said, "What this mission will miss about elder hall is his love." And that really touched me. If that's the one thing that I leave here, I will be pleased with my service.

Also, this week Alexandre texted us and said he was just in Italy on a last minute trip! He said he's still been reading in the Book of Mormon and he was going to come to church but he didn't... that's okay though, because I know that we will see him and he will continue down this path!

pizza party
We also had a couple exchanges this week. The first was right after district Meeting, I went with Elder Thompson, who just came off of Ajaccio, so it was so fun to talk about the members and the work since I've left (which has been over a year!) He is a hard worker, and really loves the work, so it was great. We gave a few blessings and then we met up with Elder Hoffmann and Eklund and had a pizza party! Haha

The second exchange was in Lyon, and I got to go with Elder Mendel, who I came into the mission with. He's from Germany, I have already told you about him, because we are super good friends, but it was so great to spend time with him. On the exchange actually, at one point the assistants had to go pick up a new couple so Elder Hoffmann and I went to the Ecully chapel to clean it, but none of the other missionaries who were supposed to come, came. So we did it all alone, but then all these members that I know from there showed up for a smoothie Father's Day party and I was able to see them and have smoothies! It was so great, and I can't believe that Elder Mendel and I are that old...

picnic with the dream team
Otherwise, we have an ami. Sayid, from Ethiopia who followed us on a train to an outerville just to see us! He is so cool. We showed him the Hope of Gods light video, and he loved it. He's not sure if he believes in God, so it was great. Then we had a picnic with the Soeurs and Lorrane and Celine. It was so much fun and Lorrane taught us karate so now I'm a black belt! And on Sunday after church, we had a missionary fireside where we played a game that elder Hoffmann and I created about connecting anything to the gospel and to Christ. It was a lot of fun, and I even got to see Elder Brady Haug (Fabian) who came to visit!)

this is a man-don haaha (comme Landon)
So this week gets 100/100, and I can't wait to see what these next couple of weeks have. I was asked to baptize Maƫl, the child who's mom is a less active that we found, that the soeurs have been teaching, so that will be this week. I feel so blessed from the Lord during this time. And I'm still trying to give my 100%, as much of it as I can anyways. I know that the Lord carries us when we can't do it ourselves. I can testify of that as I've seen it through my life and my mission. I love you all and thanks for your prayers! Have a great

Avec amour,
Elder Hall

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