Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Simultanious "OH NO" and the Miraculous Happenings of Transfer Week

thug life chose us
There was a point this week where everyone in the office let out a singular and simultanious "oh no". It was hilarious, but in a way that's all that can sum up this past week. It was transfer week, but a lot of interesting things went down. Miracles on the one hand, and situations on the other that made this week one for the books. I'll give you the low down of everything thats happened, while being as general and inconspicuous as possible, because I don't know how much I can tell you.

me at the airport after having been awake for 26 hours 
So all of the returning missionaries came into Lyon on monday. We were getting them all set, weighing bags and all that fun stuff. In the mean time, we were assigned with the task of getting some certain missionaries here to Lyon. We drove all of the  returning missionaries to President's house and went to the gare to pick up the specific missionaries. It was a miracle they showed up in the first place, so we quickly took them back to our house with another missionary. We continued on with the departing ones. We had dinner, and then waited for the parents to come (because, as you know, we are the ones to greet the parents outside). There were 3 families that came, and it was a lot of fun to talk to them. Its always cool to see the missionaries reunited with their families. In some ways its hard, but I know that I will be there soon enough! We took the missionaries back to our place, and spent the next hour (11 pm) loading up the suitcases into our van. Because of the way August is in France (everyone travels but no one works), in order to ensure that the missionaries made their flight, we had them get to the airport at about 2 AM. The usuall way, a small train from Lyon Centre to the airport, was closed, so we had to get creative. I won't tell you exactly what we did, but we got everyone there on time! ;) They got to their lines, we helped them all through, checked their luggage and sent them off. If we'd have gotten there any later, we would have been late, because we were at the very front of an extremely long line! 

welcome to France! (Half of the group) 
It felt nice to have everyone out and gone by 7h30, and we got to go home at 8h00 and get a couple hours of sleep. We had stayed up all night, and to get everything done, we enlisted the help of a couple of the trainers who were staying chez nous. It was just a little miracle after another that helped us get everyone onto their planes. Well we woke up to a phone call saying that one of specific the missionaries who came up here had booked it, and might come back to our apartment to get his luggage. So we got up and ready pretty quick, but got another call saying that the police had gotten him, and had stormed into the office. After a prayer of everyone there, they lightened up. He was sent with some other missionaries, so we could go pick up the new missionaires coming in by train from Paris, because there was a flight greve and their flights all got cancelled. There were so many miracles that happed to just get them here, without all the problems that were happening hours earlier! We got them all back to the office, and let me tell you, this group of 17 is awesome! They are so much fun, and I can already tell they are going to make amazing missionaries. There is even a blue that started in Porte des Alpes (where I did), and we are in that ward now, so I am so excited for him! 

We took them all to Presidents house that night, taught them some french culture along the way, and had a great evening. Unfortunately, the missionary had bolted again, and was no where to be found. He had gone rogue. We took the bleu's back to the apartment, tucked them in to bed (haha they're like little kids ;) ), and we crashed too. It had been a long, stressful, 2 days. We barely woke up the next day, but we did, and we got the bleus to their conference, watched them get their trainers and got lunch all ready! Then we took them to legality. It didnt take too long this time, but I am getting pretty good at it! We got most of them home that night, and went to eat with the rest. We went back to our house, and had a little bonfire singalong type thing haha it was so fun to sit back, relax and listen to one of the singer/songwriter missionaries there sing. The next day, everyone left, and we got to do some office work. 

We would get some updates on our rogue missionary, and even went to get him from the gare again yesterday, but he had escaped again. There is some crazy stuff going on here, and president is just sick of Satan trying his best to ruin things. He told the bleu's that it is time to bring out the big guns and show Satan what we are made of. I say amen to that! 

paparazzi trine catch me eating all those patisseries
I don't know if this email made any sense. I left out a lot of stuff for the sake of time and discretion, but basically the most important thing is that only God could have gotten us through this week. It was Heavenly Father watching out for us and helping us all along the way. I love Him, I know He is there. I have only been able to do anything I have done here in France because of His blessings. It is humbling, yet also empowering! Here's to a calmer week and a happy Sabbath Day :) 

I love you all! 

Elder Hall

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