Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Transfer Circle and M'apprivoises

My American buddies (the Mahaffeys grandkids)
What a week! This was pre transfer week, so the second half of the week was pretty crazy with tickets and transfer planning and all that jazz. This is the 4 time that I have done this now, and I think I am becoming a pro! ;) Transfer calls came! They came to everyone but us (that usually happens, because we see the roster earlier), and I will be staying with Elder Wiberg in the office for one more transfer! That will make 4 transfers here, which is more than anywhere else Ive been. Let me give you a brief run-down of my mission so far, just to wet your memory (I don't know if 'wetting your memory' is even a real phrase, it sounds kinda wierd but you get the point). I started in Porte des Alpes for 2 transfers (tiny little bleu elder hall), then I went to Corsica for 3 transfers (with my trainer haha), then I came to the office for 4 transfers (do you see the pattern here?). But in typical transfer fashion, we had a big change even though everything is staying the same. Instead of being in Ecully sector, ward, and zone, we are now in Porte des Alpes sector, ward and Lyon zone (again!). I am just going in a large circle ;) Also, Elder Wade is the new assistant, so I get to spend a lot of time with him! With that, lets get to the week:

the couples 
We went on a tiny road trip this week, back to Besançon to finish emptying out that senior couples apartment. Because of the missionary we sent home last sunday, his companion has been with us all of this week, so we have been a trio! Its been like training a new office elder because we needed to keep him busy. So he came with us and we got everything done there that we needed to. We got some pizza and had a picnic at the park and offered some to a homeless guy who denied it. Rude... We came back and put it all in the new senior couple's apartment so that is all done! 

Now I'll tell you about the miracle exchange day I had. It was on Wednesday and was not expeceted at all. So the Lyon zone leaders needed to go on an exhange to drop off some food to a member, but they also had a lesson, so I went with Elder Thompson to clean out Vivian and then to the lesson with a member. We got stopped in the street by some evangelical guy from Chicago who tried to tell us that the Book of Mormon is false because there is not historical evidence to back it up. Instead of arguing, we suggested that maybe he should read it and ask with faith. He said that faith has nothing to do with anything, even though he was preaching about the New Testament and Jesus' Atonement. We left, but I know that faith has EVERYTHING to do with anything. It is impossible to believe in Christ and His sacred mission without faith.That is why faith is such a key element in anything we do as disciples. 

our taco miracle 
We went to the big park here and taught another lesson to a lady named Lady (haha). She, par contre, has a TON of faith and it was so fun to be out teaching! We came back to the office for a planning meeting with the zone leaders and the assistants, but our exchange wasn't over yet, because now I was on an exchange with Elder Spoors (our ZL), while my comps when with his comp to a mangez-vous. We did the meeting and then decided to go to MasterTacos. On the way, we saw a girl who saw us and basically started praising God. When we approached her, she asked if there was an institute for young adults and a church. She said she had been praying to find the missionaries! Turns out she is a member that moved here from Spain, and the adversary had been stopping her from going to church, so the day before she was in a very dark place and prayed to find us. She needed to turn the street before, but kept walking for some reason, just in time to see us! We all went to get some tacos and she even paid for us! It was such a cool miracle! 

Then Elder Spoors and I did something that I haven't done in a long, long time. I was scared, but in the end it was fun. We went on a public bus... haha I haven't been on a bus in about 8 months! It was so fun to public transport contact again. We walked for a half hour to their apartment where we met back up, and I just got to talk to him. I really needed it, and even though it was a short little exchange, it meant a lot to me. 

this was on a random building 
Other than that, we made a bunch of train tickets, sent them out by hand (because the train website wasnt working), and I am pretty tired! My prayers to Heavenly Father this week have been to "m'apprivoises". That just means to tame me, to help me become humble, moldable, and what He wants me to become. I'm not sure how good I am doing at being those things, but I know that He can help me become them. He can "m'apprivoises". Thank you all for your prayers and love. I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Avec amour, 

Elder Hall

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