Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Hump Day Mission Show

Hey everyone! Well, if I didn't say I've been waiting a long time to put that as my title, I'd be a big liar! And it's not because I am halfway done, but it's because I thought it would be a good title (given my past with hump days)! Happy Pioneer Day as well! I can't prove anything, but I am almost positive that time is speeding up every day. Everything is going by way too fast! I remember when I was a little boy in the MTC, now I'm a chubby little boy in France haha. As for my week, it was another one for the books. We went on another trip this week, and were as busy as ever, it ended in a bittersweet moment that I didn't see coming, but here we are and all is well! Just like the pioneers, all is well. 

Us throwing away our couch
So, we didn't know if we would be going on this trip, because Vivian kind of broke down at the end of last week, so we took her into the garage and they fixed her up, so we got on the road to Bordeaux monday night around 5. The traffic was awful! (Vacation time here in france is just the worst), but we made it to a ville called Brive and stayed with the missionaries there. The next morning we went to Bordeaux and cleared out an apartment. It was blazing hot so sweat was just dripping down my face just standing there, but we got everything in the car and headed off to Limoges to drop off a couch and Brive again to drop off a table, and spent the night in a place called Bergerac. (I hope you aren't super bored haha) We went to decheteries and missionary apartments and I got a haircut from Elder Bleak, my chinese missionary friend (I'm the only missionary that can drive across the country to get a haircut from someone I trust haha). We drove for a long time and pulled into Lyon around 12 that night to get to the office early the next morning.

our hump day tacos
That was our adventure this week! A missionary and his family came back to visit, and it just so happened that we went to the same restaurant as them for dinner, so they bought us our tacos! It was so kind, and they said it was my hump day taco, so that made it even better! 

We also went to a laundromat to do laundry (all the bajillion sheets we have) and this guy walked in. We talked to him, and it turned out he spoke fluent english and was an astronomer. He said he didn't believe in God, but I told him that when I looked at the stars, I couldn't help but believe there is a God. We had a great discussion and when we asked him if he'd ever prayed, he said no. So we told him, how can he know if he doesn't even try it? At the end, I got to bear witness of Jesus Christ, of His reality, and that He loves this guy. He said, "If I dont believe in God, I can't know if He loves me." I said, "I know it." It was so great to be able to bear testimony like that, and I felt the Spirit go through me like a shock of lightning! 

In other news, I gave a sort of talk today... not really. What happened is that there is a Portuguese man in our ward who was supposed to give a talk. He only speaks Portuguese so a senior missionary, Elder Walker, who also speaks that language (cuz he went to Brazil) was going to translate for him. However, he doesnt speak french, so he recruited me. When it was his turn to speak, we all 3 walked up to the pulpit, and the brother would speak in Portuguese, elder Walker would translate into english and I would translate into french. It was hilarious, and ranks up there with one of the funniest things I've ever done in sacrement meeting! 

Knight Hall 
I was also knighted yesterday at a big castle/fortress we went to. We went with the office couples, the mission nurse and the Mahaffey's kids and grandkids who are here visiting. It was a blast. I got chosen to be knighted, so I was, with a true sword, in french. It was like a big family vacation basically. I'll send some pictures. 

Well, if I can leave you with a spiritual thought, it will be this: There are pioneers in ever land, and since the very beginning of the restoration of this church. They leave everything to follow Christ, to be a disciple of him and his gospel. They stand up for Him, for the standards they know are true. The first pioneers crossed the plains, but we are all pioneers today! The members here are pioneers, even if they don't do things the way we do them, they are pushing their handcarts through the persecution of the world. Keep going! Don't let temptation or discouragement get to you. There are angels behind you pushing you along. The world needs good, strong pioneers who are willing to stand for what they believe! Let that be you, and you can sing, just as the pioneers of old, just as the pioneers of France, "Tout est bien! Tout est bien!"

I love you all! Have a great week! 

Elder Hall 
Your Favorite Missionary 

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