Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Catch Up et l'Invitation

this happens sometimes
Family, friends, anyone that reads this, hello once again! I feel like its been forever since Ive sent out an email, it kind of has been. But I got to skype my mom on mothers day and thats all that counts! To all you other women out there that have ever been a mother figure to me, I say thank you, I love and appreciate you and all you do for me and the countless others whose lives you touch. I saw a couple moms today on the street, the first had a little girl who wanted to get her stuffed animal and was just so sad so her mom sighed, took her and and went back into their apartment building. The other was a woman pushing a stroller with a little toddler walking behind her playing with 2 balloons on sticks. One of them fell and he was so confused, so she stopped the stroller, picked it up for him, and I dont even think he realized what she'd done, but I did. Thanks for all the little things. 

Anyway, since we last left each other, I was busy solving problems and such. Well since then I have received a new companion and made it through my second transfer week, this time I had to take the reigns so I was praying pretty hard that I wouldn't steer us into a wall. Luckily I didn't, but I did steer 3 other things. The reason being because as of last Monday, the moving equipe was demolished, and the office elders (thats me and my new companion) are now full time office and moving elders. That means that on top of our office work we are in charge of closing and moving apartments all over the mission, as well as equipment and furnishings. So we have the 3 cars, Vivian (the vivaro), the Duchess (the moving equip mid size van thing) and the Yaris. I have my own fleet haha

the three ami,s, till one of them 
peaced and then there were 2
So now that the useless information you dont care about is out of the way, I'll tell you about my newest companion! His name is Elder... Wiberg! I know, thats the same last name as my sisters family. He's from Ohio/Minnesota and he is catching onto his job pretty fast. He's only in his 4th transfer which is super impressive and his french is great! I'm still trying to learn more about him so I'll fill you in when I get the good stuff ;) I said goodbye to Elder Lythgoe, and was sad we didnt get to spend more time together. I love him so much! But we'll see each other soon enough. 

As you can probably tell, we've been pretty busy around here lately. Last week we didn't get to bed before 12 at all, and then with transfers we were up early every day, but all the missionaries got home safe and sound and on time, while there was only 1 new missionary who came in, so while the President and AP's took care of him, we took a nap :). We have been driving all around to IKEA and to people's apartments to fix things and install lights haha Its quite an adventure. 

Today we saw a slow moving bicyclist almost hit into a slow moving pedestrian and it was like slow motion. The pedestrian wasnt very happy, so he stood there with his arms in the air while the bicyclist wobbled down the street. It was hilarious. 

Switzerland! From our trip a while ago
The office is still doing great, I've learned to just dance when I am on hold, and everyone always laughs but its not fair because I wasnt born to be groovy! We are definitely busier than ever before, which is a good thing. I want to insert a little spiritual thought that I studied this week to help out a friend. I learned about why people have to go through trials that may not be caused by the misuse of their own agency: Through the Fall of Adam and Eve, they and their posterity could now experience disease, death, and suffering. But on the other side they could feel true happiness and the redeeming power of Christ. Isnt it funny how that works? We experience many trials, which give us opportunities to learn and grow and to distinguish good from evil, that's why we are even here in the first place. There is a lot of hardship in the world; disease, natural disasters, wars, civil unrest, pure evil. This is just a result of our fallen nature as men and women. It's an enemy to God. But the more we choose to approach Christ, the stronger we can feel His and our Heavenly Fathers love, and thats when faith comes in. Because when we have faith, we use the atonement, we trust the atonement, and PMG says, "All that is unfair about life will be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ." 

Switzerland! From our trip a while ago
That is my testimony. I know that Jesus Christ atoned for us! ITS ONLY THROUGH HIM that we can find happiness in a world of sorrow and distress. I testify of that! Don't let your trials, whatever they may be, drag you down. Let the Savior lift you up. He will. He always does for those that come to Him. I am here to invite others to come unto Christ, and this is my invitation to you. 

I love you so much, have a great week! 

Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary 

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