Sunday, May 29, 2016

Going Out, Staying In and Finding the Orange Woman

me and the giraffe at the zoo we went to today
Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green? Do you drink lemonade (nope), or sit in the shade (no), or watch as the clouds go byyyy (HA)? The correct answer is, you teach people about the restored gosepl of Jesus Christ! (those other things are okay too) :) We had a great week here, super busy, and you'll find out why. Its starting to be summer, so its getting hot, and luckily we got AC installed last week, so we will be happy campers here in the office. Something thats weird about France is that the people dont really like AC for some reason (they think it gives you diseases or something), so not a lot of places have it. The ones that do advertise it though! I think people are starting so see some sense in it. Also, I dont know if you have all heard about the greves going on in France (remember when I told you about them a little bit?), well they are starting to heat up as well, and its gotten to the point where the gas problem kinda freaked people, and when we were down in Marseille (I'll explain later), there were huge lines for gas stations. But I think its starting to smooth. Well, that greve at least, but the other ones not so much. There are greves against the trains every week, but now, starting on the 31 until the 11, every day! That makes it so hard as missionaries, because we rely heavily on trains and public transport. But Heavenly Father always figures out a way to help us out of these things, so I have faith that He'll come through! Now lets talk about the week! 

me wearing an envelope hat because we were 
stuck in the office and it’s fashionable
So the beginning of the week saw Elder Wiberg and I traveling down south to Marseille and a little ville called Aubagne, where the ville got closed this transfer. We (as the moving equipe) went to go clear it out so we could get it ready to sell. We spent all Monday working on that with the elders down there. It was pretty fun, but a lot of work. Thats where we saw all the craziness, but we didnt even know why people were freaking out. We headed up to Aix en Provence to stay the night with the zone leaders there and they had a zone finding day, so their whole zone was there. It was a lot of fun to see some friends. We took care of some stuff for them the next day, and headed back to Lyon. 
A picture of Lyon with a French scripture
On the drive, I was getting kind of tired, and I looked at the gas tank and had a thought that we needed to pull off and fill up. We drove through a little town called Orange, and at a stop light we saw this woman sitting outside of a shop, holding a bill and crying. We kept going to fill up with gas, but I had a strong feeling that we needed to go back and find her. We filled up without a problem, and when I told Elder Wiberg what I was feeling, he said he was feeling the same thing. So we turned around, and went back, praying that we could find a parking spot for the huge van we were driving. We did! So we parked and went to the place, and found a sonary for some little apartments up top. We felt we needed to call up, and the first one didnt answer, the second one was a lady who said she wasnt believing, and the third was a man that hung up on us. We were confused, but felt like we needed to call the second one again. The lady answered and this time we just said that we saw a woman crying and wanted to make sure everything was okay. That's when it happened..... She told us she would call the police if we didnt leave, then as we were walking away, she leaned out her window and called us a sect. I was pretty confused, and I could see Elder Wiberg was too. We had felt the prompting and followed it, so why did that happen? As we were driving in silence, I had a thought, that maybe this woman needed to be introduced to the missionaries and one day, she will be reintroduced and remember that on a horrible day, a couple stopped to make sure she was okay, even if she was a little mean. I felt peace knowing that we followed the Spirit, also recognized the miracle that we were able to fill up with gas in a tiny town where we were led, when all the gas stations everywhere else were backed up and running out. 

a beautiful old cathedral in vieux Lyon 
The second half of the week, Elder Wiberg and I were in charge of the office all by ourselves, because all of the senior couples had a zone conference in a different ville. So we held down the fort, answering phones, buying tickets, doing reimbursements and solving a problem with a carbon monoxide scare haha. (It was all good). We kept ourselves busy, and slept well when night came. We even got everything done yesterday and went contacting in our area (its called Ecully, its a pretty nice suburb area of Lyon) and had 4 great 10 minute conversations with people. It was nice to do that! 

Overall, I feel great! I am loving it here, I have set goals to become better and am seeing the blessings that come from devoted service to the Lord! I would encourage you all to take a look at your lives, and find something you want to improve on, it doesnt have to be something big, but with the help of Heavenly Father, the power of faith and prayer, and the gift of the Atonement which lets us get back up everytime we all and restart, you can all get the spiritual summer body youve been wanting! ;) I know thats true, Ive seen it! I love you all! Have a fantastic week! 
Avec amour, 

Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary

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