Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hall Burger and The Reggie Analogy

Our scooter day
The sun is shining and I am a little sunburned so I am writing you all as a happy elder! Although that wasn't the case for the whole week, but we can talk about that later. I have a few topics I want to hit in here so we will get to that right away.

The week started off with one of the senior couples, the Mahaffeys, who took Monday and Tuesday off to be with their kids. That left more responsibility on us to be here, so we came in early monday morning and took a call from president where we discussed the greves on the trains here (because FYI the workers of the train companies are all greving ((striking)) every wednesday and thursday until july so that makes things difficult haha) and the Sweeneys told us they were going to Geneve to pick up a lost visa so we took the wheel and were here to hold down the fort all day. Luckily nothing too crazy happened, but we were pretty tired, because all the mission leaders came in for leadership council and also all of the missionaries going home this transfer, so we had 25 missionaries sleeping at our house. It was insane. We are going to play "office elders are in charge" again this week, because the senior zone conference is going on for two days somewhere down in the south. We accept prayers ;).

my 5 companions!
In other news, MLC (the mission leadership council) went off great! Out of the 7 companions Ive had, 5 were there. I'll attach a picture we took but it was fun to be with them all again. Elder Johnson is my zone leader now. So he's been my trainer, district leader and zone leader, and he will be going home at the end of this transfer, as well as elder Lythgoe and Ottesen. I love these people so much! Because of the craziness the day before and the fact that it was a holiday here, we werent able to order the pain au chocolat and the other patisseries we needed for breakfast from the lady we usually go to, so we left at 5:30 that morning to see if we could order some before the conference at 9. We knocked on the side door to her shop and she anwsered and was probably pretty surprised to see two zombies asking for 100 patisseries! She did it though, in two hours! We are like little house elves there usually, just in the background setting things up and taking them down and making food appear, but this time was different. I felt like we were a part of it all! There was a point where president sent everyone out contacting, and we were cleaning up and got to talk to President Brown for a bit. Then he asked if we wanted to go contacting with him, and of course we said yes. On the way out the door we got a ton of calls, which was ironic, but he patiently waited and finally we were able to go. It was awesome to see him in action. He does anything he asks of us. I love and sustain him! 

Hall Burger
Something fun is that we took the Lyon ZL's (who arent ours but we still love them) out to lunch this week. We went to Hall Burger for my 7 month birthday anniversary haha. It was pretty good, as good as Muslim kosher hamburgers can be... But it was just fun to be there. Ill send a picture of that as well. 

Today for P Day we went scootering on our scooters all over Lyon. It was the most fun Ive had in a long time! Thats why Im sunburned, because its so beautiful out here! We saw a ton of sights, scootered along the Soane river and then when we found ourselves in a beautiful mall surrounded by amazing apartment buildings, we stopped and ate sushi. SUSHI!! IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MY WHOLE MISSION!! Haha It was just perfect! 
my 1st Sushi!

And to end, I will tell you about our training. Remember that goal to get 91 baptisms in a transfer? I dont know if I told you or not, but that was a goal President had for us. It was of course inspired like all of his goals, but we came out of it with only 27, which is still good, but not great. So we had a zone training about come backs, and how we can come back from this and bind Satan and be stronger. We talked about consecrating ourselves more, and I had a thought that I shared with them that I want to share with you. Its about my dog. :) His name was Reggie and I loved him so much! The thing is that he was pretty stubborn. When we were walking or when I needed to give him a bath and he didnt want it at all, he would yank his head back, dig his paws into the ground and as much as I would yank he would resist. Sometimes I would let him finish smelling something, but I always knew that if he wanted to get home to have a treat after a nice walk, we had to keep going. If he wanted to be clean and smell nice for the lady dogs, he had to take a bath. I realized that lately I've been doing the same thing to Heavenly Father. He has been helping me on this path to get home, and Ive been resisting. Hes said "if you do this, you will be happier! If you are more obedient with that, you can have some blessings!" and Ive yanked my head back and said "but I want to finish smelling this, then walk at my own pace!" The sooner that I, and we all, realize that Heavenly Father knows whats best for us, and that following Him will take us down the path that leads home, we will be happier and more blessed. Dont resist, let Him guide us! Let Him wash us clean! He can and He will, but only if we are willing to let him. I think I am ready and willing to progress a little more. :) 

last p day
last p day

I love you all so much! Reggie is dead, but I love him a lot too, and even though he was stubborn, he was still a great dog. (that was a random interjection about my dog ha). Have a great week! 

Elder Hall Burger
Your Favorite Missionary

Our scooter day

Our scooter day

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