Monday, March 7, 2016

The Sunday of Sunday's

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Hello le monde! It's me again, the one that writes the letters you skim though! 😉 all I can say about this week is that it was like something that starts off slow and then speeds up and takes your breath away. (Something that's not a roller coaster because that's cliché). Basically we had a couple days in a row where we were porting for 5 hours and it then a day where we made a ton of cookies to give to the people we liked haha. As it all wrapped up on Sunday, I saw some of the coolest things yet! I feel so happy that we are seeing the fruits of our labors as we follow the promptings of the Spirit!

So I'll start with the exchange I went on to Bastia (the other end of the island). I went with my comp, elder Oborn and our district leader, elder Szuch. We got a call about a referral, so we went to follow up on it. They said that the lady wanted a Book of Mormon, and there's nothing better than requesting a book and getting three strapping young men! She opened super smile and kind, let us in and we started teaching a little. She said that she went on vacation to Salt Lake City and stayed with some members. She was so impressed with them, with their integrity and happiness and so when the vacation was over she felt sad to leave. So, she wanted to know why and we taught her the restoration and Book of Mormon. She basically said "I believe it" and it was awesome. That's what member missionaries and examples can do! Keep it up!

The rest of this letter will take place on Sunday, yesterday.

Church was so great, we had testimonies and a lot of our members bore theirs! Even a member were working with who said that she never would! The spirit was definitely there. We made cookies for them all on Saturday and told them not to eat them until they were done with their fasts and I guess half of their fasts ended right then haha. We were able to visit a couple members after church and learn more about the history of the church here. These people are truly pioneers.

our group on Sunday! 
I don't know if I ever told you about our ami here named Chrystelle, but she's so awesome! She's going through a lot of hard things right now, and always thanks us for helping her not feel alone. So we went to visit her, and taught her and her 3 year old son the restoration. She asked about baptism and we told her that we can be completely cleansed from sins and guilt through it. It's a new start. She said "that's exactly what I need." So we engaged her to baptism for the 7 of May! She is so prepared. She soaked up the message and the spirit like a sponge! She even said "there isn't a better time in my life for this than right now." SHES SO RIGHT!

Then we were driving back and were discussing whether we should pass micca and Emmanuella with cookies because we haven't seen them for 3 weeks. We decided that we could just do it tomorrow. But as we were driving past their street, I felt something so strong tell me "go visit them right now". So I made a super sharp turn and we parked. We went up and a random man answered the door and told us that micca wasn't there and we couldn't come in. We gave them the cookies and got in the elevator and as we were going down I said out loud "why did I feel so strongly that we needed to come here?" As the door opened on the bottom floor, who was standing there other than micca! He told us that Emmanuella was having some brain issues and thy thought she was going to die. I asked if we could give her a blessing and he said yes, so we were able to go give her a blessing of healing. The spirit was there and they said that they wanted us to pass again on Wednesday. It was such a strong testimony of me of following the spirit. It is so important in this work! We can't do anything without it! We all stood outside with such immense gratitude and joy that we couldn't talk. It was a day of miracles. This is a work of miracles.

I testify that by and through Christ all is possible. We have the priesthood in this church which we should use as much as we can! It's there to help serve others! Please, keep being examples of the believers, please don't take for granted any of the blessings Christs church has to offer! There are too many! I love Him. I love you all!

Have a great week! Thanks for your prayers!
Avec amour,

Elder Hall

PS. My French accent has transformed into a corse accent and I can't
say "or" without making it sound Italian. Pray for me haha

Your Favorite Missionary

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