Monday, February 29, 2016

Doors and Keys and Faith to Open

First off, Happy Leap Year! Nothing really special happened, except an old lady hitchhiker wanted us to pick her up super bad. If that only happens once every 4 years, I'm fine with it haha. Anyway, we had an eventful week down here! I'll tell you some cool stuff that happened, and some funny stuff too, because sometimes funny stuff happens and it hurts, physically or mentally. You'll see.

a cool door! 
So this week we did a lot of porting, and it seemed like, for the first time really on my mission, people were telling us to get out of their buildings. I've never really had that happen before so we would just leave and go to the next one. I think that actually might have been a blessing though, because as we went building hopping (carefully watching the elevators in the process), we found some awesome people that we wouldn't have otherwise found! One such occasion was on an exchange. It was me and elder Oborn, with a missionary named Elder Pesnel. He's in my group that came into the mission, so we were a bunch of youngsters for a day. (Elder Oborn came in the group right after me so I'm older than him in the mission). We decided to pick some buildings and port them. Well we saw no success until this lady opened the door, and even though our French wasn't too great, she was so kind and let us in. We taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation because she had some questions, and then we read Alma 40:11-12 with her. She really liked it, and thought her neighbor would too so she called a lady who'd slammed the door on us upstairs and explained that we were the Mormons, not a cult. Haha she gave us some cake and her phone number so we're going to call and fix a RDV with her hopefully soon!

On this same exchange, we went to see Marie-Rose. Well, I was in the back room putting on some pants so she could measure and skinny them, and I heard a sound. It sounded kind of like "called to serve". Then I realized that they were singing for her. I listened quietly and realized that they are both tone deaf, but I thought it was awesome that they were singing for her anyway! Then I remembered that she's also tone deaf and so I'm sure she loved it. I was in the back room just dying thinking about it. Hahaha it was so great!

After the exchange, we had zone training, where we learned about how to prepare for when Elder Christofferson comes in a couple weeks. I really am excited for this opportunity to listen to an apostle of the Lord speak to us. We also talked about the fact that we need to be engaging all of our ami's to baptism. We have a goal this year to get 200 baptisms as a mission, but we want to have 187 engages (people committed to a baptismal date) before Elder Christofferson comes. So we are working on that. It's cool to see the power of goal setting with faith, and then action. Right now in our mission we have more engages than we ever have before, and that puts us on track to get 200 baptisms this year! I'm excited to see how everything works out!

I also got hit in the head by a flying ring of keys afterward, and it hurt but the missionary that threw it is one of my heroes so I just took it as a sign of affection.

me in a village
One cool porting story is that the other night, we went porting in a little village in the rain. No one was letting us in, and we were coming to the end of the road where our car was parked so we went up to a little duplex type thing and knocked on the door. A young woman answered and was just laughing, so we started laughing too. She was so confused as to why we were there so we explained but she wouldn't stop laughing. It was pretty awkward for a couple minutes, but she finally invited us in and we shared the church at a glance video with her. She opened up and is super funny, but doesn't quite believe in God. But we fixed a RDV with her and I feel like we will be able to have some success with her, because she loves the focus we have on families and temples, and also the humanitarian stuff the church does. I'll keep you informed on her, she's named Danae.

We ported in another mountain village and there seemed to be no one there but a group of little kids on vacation. We showed them some videos about Jesus while they were playing in the road and gave them our card to give to their parents. Well, they then proceeded to prank call us. haha it was still a fun experience though, something that you could only have as a missionary!

Other than that, I love my companions. We have a lot of fun together. They laugh at everything I say and do so it makes me feel good haha. They are both so obedient and hard working, they really just want to be good missionaries and I admire that a lot! I've seen a lot of the blessings of the Lord recently, and it's strengthened my faith to the point where every time we go out finding, I KNOW that we will find someone. It's His work, we are just His little workers. He knows what's best for us, He knows when He wants us to go through a trial or to just keep pressing forward. I can't express enough how real Jesus Christ and His power is. There is nowhere I'd rather be than right here.

Have a great week! I love you all!
Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary

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