Tuesday, February 16, 2016

People I Love

Elder Ottesen me elder Oborn 
We got transfer calls this week! Last transfer was nothing, the transfer before that was incredibly surprising, but this time it was just in between. I'll tell you all what happened: I am staying on Corsica and received two new companions, Elder Ottesen (who was my district leader my first transfer) and Elder Oborn (who is a transfer younger than me). They are both awesome, we are going to work really hard, I can already tell. Plus, since I am the only one who knows Ajaccio, it is a pretty big responsibility to remember everything, to do the group stuff, and keep it all straight. So I'm hoping and praying that I will have the help of Heavenly Father because even though it's not really anything, it's overwhelming to think Ill be trying to keep a group and a city staying okay until we can get into a groove. I'm stoked! Also, I had to say goodbye to Elders Johnson and Wade. I love them a lot, and it was kinda funny saying goodbye to my trainer again. That's kind of all I've ever known when it comes to companions, so it's interesting to be starting over. But that's missionary life!

Micca and Emmanuella with his beer in the garbage lol
This week, we had a lot of cool rendezvous! We met with Micca and Emmanuella and their son Samuel, 3 times! We helped them make cookies, and had pizza together. We shared the family a proclamation to the world with them and they love it! They said that ever since they've met us, their lives have changed. We sang "families can be together forever" and prayed together, and Emmanuella and Samuel were crying before we left. Also, while we were cooking cookies, Micca pulled out a beer. He offered me one, but I said no, and explained that we don't drink. He asked why we can't just have a little, and elder Wade and I explained that it was a commandment and that God wants us to keep our bodies pure. We also asked if he would want his son to drink beer when we grows up, he said no. After he understood, he opened the garbage, and threw his beer into it. It was so cool! We didn't ask him to do anything, he just decided right there to stop drinking. He said he's felt better ever since! What an amazing family!

Corsican V 
Also, do you remember that man we talked to in his garage, showed him a video and he cried? Well, I told you that nothing came out of it, but I was wrong. One rainy night, we decided to go pass him and see if he had prayed. Well we went, and his wife opened the door and we asked if we could come back and do a family night with them. She said "ça me plairais" which basically means "I would like that" and so we came back and her husband and son were gone, but we explained our beliefs about the family, and she told us that her family is kind of falling apart, but a couple weeks ago, her husband and her decided to start all over and try again (we calculated it, and they decided that right after we'd talked to her husband in the garage). We played uno with her and she loves us! Her name is Chrystelle, I guess all the Christelle's are just awesome! Haha

our Valentine’s Day!
We also went to Bastia for Sunday. The stake president was there, and we also have a new senior couple who are becoming the new branch president. They are the couple Vendassi and he is actually corse! The stake president told us that he feels something amazing is going to happen to Corsica, but he doesn't know what. But with a new, experienced, Corsican branch president, things will change here for the better! That was Valentine's Day also, and the last day that my comps would see Marie rose and Sylvia and Noel. Saying goodbye to them was so hard, and I wasn't even saying goodbye! When you serve people and love them, leaving is hard. There were a lot of tears.

me and two amazing (crazy) old people
I'm excited for this new transfer, there will be some cool things going on here! Thank you for your prayers, they are felt. Even though it can get lonely being on an island all the time, I never really feel alone. I know that because Christ has done everything for us, He can surround us with support. I have everything I have thanks to Him. So do you all. I love Him.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Plein d'amour

Elder Hall

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