Monday, December 21, 2015

The Big Dix-Neuf

Elder Hall is 19 (dix-neuf) years old, and I would like to thank you all for helping me get to this point in life! I had a great birthday, and an awesome week, I can't wait to tell you about it! It still hasn't snowed down here, but I'm not giving up hope! In fact, we (and all of the missionaries in our mission) are headed to Lyon for a special Christmas conference right now. I'm in Nice, and it's colder
up here than on our tropical paradise so there's a chance maybe! I'll tell you about that next week seeing as it hasn't happened yet it wouldn't be worth it right now haha.

our surprise lunch 
So remember our ami who I took the picture with the dead pig? Micca. Well we passed him this week, got to teach him a lesson, and then we passed him again and he was busy, but he said that his friend had passed away so we got to teach him really quickly about how we can see our loved ones again after this life, we read the scriptures in Alma 40 that testify of what happens after we die. He was touched, and said that he can't wait to meet with us again. He has a ton of potential and I know he is someone that the spirit will help us with a lot.

Also, this week we wanted to give back to our amazing ami's and recent converts, Marie-Rose, Sylvia and Noel, so on Saturday we had an all American burger lunch featuring some intense rounds of uno and a heartfelt testimony. We spent a couple hours making the food (which we had bought before hand but Sylvia unknowingly brought us everything we needed for it) and they showed up and we feasted. They really do so much for us, I don't know if we could survive so alone on an island without them, and even if we could it wouldn't be as happy as having such loving people with us all the time!

my breakfast
Now my birthday! I actually kinda forgot about it until the night before, but when I woke up and got ready to exercise, I went into the kitchen and surprise! They had woken up early and made me breakfast! It was really good, and I felt spoiled haha. After a great rendez-vous where I was sung to, we had a little three man party with the decorations and stuff mom sent me and we made a muffin cake and ate patisseries. Then Sylvia came over and we played uno. (Uno has been in good use here haha). It was wonderful and I felt loved all day so don't worry. 

We also had a ward Christmas party after church yesterday and we had 18 people show up. We brought a member down to church who lives pretty far away. He's blind so we usually give him the sacrament at his house but he was so excited to come down. It was a great meal with fois gras and a ton of desserts! I'm trying so hard not to get fat this month haha. 

my breakfast
We are seeing some cool things here. I can't wait to skype my family and tell you all about it face to face! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas! Remember that it's about Christ. He came for us. We was born so we could live. He is the light and life of the world. He is our Savior and Redeemer. I love Him.

Joyeux Noël!

Love, Elder Hall

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