Monday, September 28, 2015

The Real Meaning of P-Days


Just an update on how fast missions go, this is the beginning of my 5th week of the transfer, and Ive almost been in france for a month! Wowow... it seriously is flying by. This week though was a lot of tomb√©-vous (which are when amis cancel on us) and contacting, and some dinner appointments, which I love always! So this email might be boring and short but I'll try to spice things up for tout le monde! 

We have a less active who we visit sometimes named Pni (penny) and he is Tongan and plays for a rugby team here. He is awesome and always up to give us food. He has a nonmember friend named Genesis who is also huge and also plays rugby, and weve become pretty good friends with them. We teach Genesis with Pni and its always with food, but I love teaching them because 1) they speak english, 2) they are like best friends and because theyre islanders they are so fun to be around! Its awesome to see how they are best friends and Pni wants Genesis to see how much the gospel can bless him and his family and to share the gospel with him! He's a great example of member missionary work! 

On Thursday, we had a zone conference and our guest speaker was a member of the area 70, named Elder Adler. I was asked to give the opening pray and of course to give it in French. Saying prayers isn't normally a problem for me because I've said a bajillion prayers in my life and like a ton in French, but this was in front of a general authority, and 80 other missionaries, so I was praying all week that I would be able to say a good prayer, and I'm sure that Heavenly Father was like "this is ironic". But the time came and I got up to say the prayer and was blessed to give a pretty good prayer, but I'm convinced that the Spirit just gave me all the right things to say. Then we had an amazing conference! We were taught about, well, so many things, there wasnt really an overall theme but we learned more about obedience, we learned how better to follow the influence of the Spirit and about the atonement, temples and how to improve in companionships. Wow, haha it was crazy! Elder Adler promised us that if we would give a powerful testimony of Christ every day in French for 30 days, by the end of the 30 days, we can bear a testimony that we never thought we'd be able to in French or English, so I'm working on that.

You would all be proud of me because this past week I played football american twice and I caught every ball that was passed to me! (air high five) Today for P-day we had a zone P-day and played a lot of sports, ate some lunch and played more sports. I was drinking a lot of water, and I really had to pee, but there werent any bathrooms at the park, so I was trying to hold it and it was very much inhibiting my ability to move at all. So I had my zone leader be a look out while I went discreetly behind a tree. When I finished, an elder called over to me and was like "were you peeing, Elder Hall?" and then I just died because the whole zone knew and so I covered my face in shame and embarrassment and everyone was just rolling on the ground laughing. Thats what I call a P-day... I'm sorry haha 

Anyway, I have hope and faith that this week is going to be amazing and we will see a ton of miracles! I love you all, and because I am working on my testimony this week, I am allez-vous-ing you all to work on your testimonies a little bit this week! See if you can share your personal witnesses of Christ with someone every day! I promise it will be a blessing to you! 

I love you all! I cant wait for General Conference! Listen hard! :) 

With a load of love,

Elder Hall

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