Monday, October 5, 2015

Cute to Death

Well we find ourselves together on this Monday, after being spiritually fed and the week has come and gone as always! I have a lot to tell you about this week!

Let's start with earlier this week! Remember how we didn't see any of our Amis last week? This week we saw a grand total of... 1! Haha his name is Pecheur, which means "sinner" I'm French but he is so funny! He is so enthusiastic about learning about the gospel! At a pretty spiritual point in our lesson, he tried describing the spirit as follows: "Right now, our hearts and minds are not with us. They have travelled to an alternate dimension, a different universe to be closer to God." And I was like, "You know... I can see it." Hahaha but he came to general conference and is totally going to come to church!
From the top of the Cathedral

This week I went on what we call a Blue Exchange. I went with Elder Arné to Clermont again. It was one of the most fun days I've had here, and we also saw a bunch of miracles. We went contacting for a couple hours and met this lady who told us it was a blessing that we talked to her because she loves Jesus so much and wanted more of him! We took a break to go up to the top of a giant cathedral and took over this beautiful French town! Ahh, it was so cool! After we contacting and doing the work, we wanted to make cookies so we did and 1) it was so fun to make cookies again! 2) THEY WERE SO GOOD! I'm sending a picture so you can see them.

Now for general conference! So the first session for you all is in the morning but it starts at 6 here, and they were broadcasting it at a chapel, but I went to the institute with two of the elders in the trio that are in our apartment, and elder Johnson went with the other one to the chapel so we could be with our Amis. But they are a Chinese equipe so all the amis at the institute with us were Chinese and I love them! They also love me a lot for some reason. Conference was so amazing though! I don't know about you but I heard a LOT about faith, sabbath day observance, and listening to the Spirit. Every talk was so cool! And the 3 new apostles too! Honestly, everyone here could have sworn Bishop Causse would be called but we're a bit biased 😉.

So after one of the sessions, the Chinese people (who heard me singing the intermediate hymn) desired me to sing for them. I refused but they are pretty persistent, and so with some piano accompaniment, I sang "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" by One Direction to a bunch of Chinese people in Lyon, France. They loved it but I can definitely say that this conference ranks up there in one of the most interesting ones of my life haha They gave me a Chinese name which j can neither pronounce nor spell, but it means "cute to death", hence the title.

And for those of you who've heard about the flooding in France, all the missionaries are okay, but it might make transfers next week a little harder... Haha and yes, transfers are next week! 😮

I love you all so much! My allez-vous to you all is to sing for some Chinese people this week lol no. Look for the Spirit more in your life and figure out how you can follow Him more! As we heard a lot of, the more we try to be worthy, the closer we can be to the Spirit, and the more that He can testify to us. Keep being amazing disciples! Have a great week!

Je vous aime!

Elder (cute to death) Hall

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