Monday, September 21, 2015

The Chill and the Crazy

Bonjour to you all! Here it's bonsoir because it's like 6 pm haha but it's been such an amazing week! One of the best ones of my mission, perhaps one of the hardest ones, but I've seen more miracles than I can count! I just love Heavenly Father so much! So let's get started cause I don't have a lot of time today! On Tuesday we saw our miracle ami Aaron, (the one who just opened his door for us) and we taught him the rĂ©tablissement (or restoration) and while we were teaching his eyes filled with tears and when we asked him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if our message was true he said... Get ready for this... "I know it's true. I feel something right now and you guys wouldn't be sacrificing 2 years of your lives if this wasn't true. I know it is." AHHHHH!!!! We are seeing him again tonight and committing him to baptism! I always love teaching him because I walk away so happy and it is confirmed to me once again that this message IS TRUE! 

We passed 6 amis to other equipes this week so our ami and teaching pool dwindled quite rapidly haha but the Amis we still have are the shiz and I love them and their faithfulness!

I got the opportunity this week to go on an exchange with my district leader to a little ville called Clermont-Ferrond. It was so beautiful and so green compared to the city. I never get to leave the city a ton because we have so much to do here so it was great to have a change of scenery. I said that this week was hard because all throughout this week I've been missing my family and then I could feel satan working on me because I kept thinking about my weaknesses and faults and about how I could be such a better missionary but I'm not. So this was all happening on this exchange and then the miracles all started pouring in! We found a guy and taught him the first lesson just in the street, and then Elder Ottesen (my district leader), while we were doing studies found this paper with a name and number on it, so we called and it was a lady who wanted us to come over 2 hours later. So we show up and she opens the door and it smells like smoke, she's drinking and she has cut marks up and down her arms. We went in (there was a man in another room) and this woman was just broken. As we started teaching her, she couldn't get enough. We were going through the pamphlet and it was like reading a book to a little kid, she was so into it! When the priesthood got taken off the earth she was like "oh no! What will happen to the church?!" It was awesome! She wants to change so bad, she told us. I felt the love that Christ has for her, and I saw the power of the atonement work in just that small amount of time! It completely changed my attitude and made me so much happier! 

We went to an old roman theater and it was so cool!
Something funny that happened was on the exchange as well. We went to visit this guy who called Elder Ottesen and he invited us in and he was legit crazy. Crazy Adrian is his name haha so he started talking to us and told us that he wanted to buy this big orange family book that the Mormons sell and we told him about family history but he really wanted this orange book. Then he kept saying that he wanted to be baptized by Pastor Jean and we tried teaching him about priesthood but he was super attached to this idea of pastor Jean so we told him we couldn't help him there and he was making up words and you all know how much I love made up words! I was trying so hard to contain my laughter! I actually LOL-ed once haha so that was crazy

Ive had more food and its amazing! The weather is a lot like Utah here haha (this is the end of this random little paragraph)

This week I really came to the realization that is really cool and helped me a ton: I realized that God has as much faith in me as I do in Him (and probably more). He wants us all to succeed so much! We each have so much potential and He sees it, we just need to see it as well! Think about it, we are all Children of God, we have the greatest source of help of all! As we keep doing what is right, keeping the commandments, and serving others, we will see more and more our divine potential! So I allez-vous you all to go to the temple this week, and if you cant do that, look in the mirror and think about how God sees you, because I promise its magnificent! 

I love my Lord, I love this work, and I love all of you! 

Jusqu'a la prochain! Je vous aime! 

Elder Hall

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