Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Snot Rocket and Answers to Prayers

Elder Buddy and I sleeping cuz tired
Bonjour tout le monde! I guess my letter last week was unsatisfactory, so this week I wrote down everything I want you people to know and so this letter will probably blow you away. So let's start off with my district. I sent you a pic of them last week but I'll send some better ones this week. I absolutely love them all! My companion is Elder Williams, he loves Nike, like... probably if Nike was a church he would be on a mission for them, but I'm glad he's just on a mission for this church! I've grown to love him so much this past week! I prayed to have more love for him last Wednesday and I've noticed how close the Spirit has brought us! He doesn't look like Connor Larsen, but a lot of the things he says sound exactly like Connor and it makes me so happy! So last night I made him say Star Trek words for like 5 minutes and I loved it! The other Elders in our district are awesome as well! In my room we have Elder Ramsey (our district leader, also he came over to our house that one time when we roasted marshmallows.) He's a giant physically and spiritually. His companion is Elder Ramsey. I love him because he laughs at all my jokes, and really everything I say. He is from Layton and played football, and we get along extraordinarily! Then theres a trio, Elder Dame, Elder Rich and Elder Dickson. Elder Dame and I get along really well too! We do little voice exhanges where one of us will start talking in a voice and the other will go along with it. When I do my grandpa voice he has a grandma voice and it kills everyone! Elder Rich is pretty new to french so he's always asking for my help, but he's an awesome guy. He's from Oregon. Elder Dickson is from Orem and I'm not as close to him yet haha. Elder Orr and Menzel are next! Elder Orr is so funny! Before the mission I got to hang out with him and he has a sense of humor that is so quite but bust-a-gut funny. Elder Menzel is from Germany and he is awesome! He is my companion every day for gym when we go outside and either play futbol, volleyball or run. He is one of my favorites here! And Soeur SoiLeau is our only sister! She helps invite the spirit, and I testify that sisters have such amazing spirits to bring to the mission field!

So I've been sick since last Tuesday and I actually had E. Williams give me a blessing. I had complete faith that I would get better and told my room that every night, and then, like Christmas, I would wake up with different symptoms. At first I felt like it was hindering the spirit but I came to know that because I was trying and being obedient, the spirit was still there! Also, everyone else came to know how much I blow my nose when I'm sick. Thus the first part of the title... But then everyone got sick so we all got nicknames that I cleverly came up with and I'm proud of that ;) I actually got to give E. Williams a blessing because he was sick, and that was cool. He was feeling better a little bit later. I love the priesthood!

Elders Dickson, Rick, Dame, Ramsey, Hurst, Soeur SoiLeau, Menzel, 
Orr, Williams, Hall at the temple
Speaking of that, we finished teaching Murielle, who is just a teacher here, but she talked with each companionship and told us what she thought we did well and could improve on. She told us that our priesthood lesson was the best and most understandable she's ever heard! That was cool, because neither of us could even remember it, so it's proof that the spirit was directing us in what to say. I absolutely LOVE teaching people! It's so cool to see how everyone is different and needs to hear different gospel principles, scriptures and lessons, and I like how while we are teaching, we have the gift of tongues, because its real! I testify of that! 

I had another prayer answered this week, and the answer came in the form of a letter from my aunt Tracy. On our first couple days here they told us to write down some goals, and my goal was to be more in tune with the Spirit, be able to recognize it, and heed its promptings. I had no clue where to start. Then Tracy sent me a letter with a challenge that whenever I got a prompting or though or whatever, to act on it. I started doing that and saw so much more progress in hearing the spirit and following its promptings. It was amazing. So thanks for your letters, they help a ton! I love getting them!

Shaqu-elcome to our family, Shaquell. I'm glad youre doing well here in Utah! 

I got compared to Sid the Sloth again this week. This is not the first time in my life this has ever happened. But I think I'm cute so that's what matters ;) 

Theres a huge devotional tonight being broadcast tonight to every MTC in the world and I'm singing in the choir so let's hope Jason can see me! 

I love you all! Je t'aime t'aime! ;) 

Elder Hall

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