Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Goodbye Kisses

Selfie with Elder Buddy
Why hello. I didn't see you there ;) (that's a throwback to the news)

Elder Ramsey said that someone told him that on the mission the minutes seem like days, the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like minutes and that's pretty much the case here... I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks! I'm halfway done here in the MTC! That means that if any of you want the convenience of sending a letter or package to me while I'm still in 'merica, you'd better get on that. haha anyways, this has been an emotional week for me. I know that I am being blessed more and more with Christ-like love every day! I don't think I've ever been with people for this long and not wanted to kill them all! ;) I just love everyone here, and it's weird because even when I want to be annoyed with someone I keep loving them... haha So I don't know if I told you guys this but last Wednesday we got 2 new roommates who are going to New York, and so that Morning before they came in we made their beds and I left a note and some candy for them. My first impression was that they were kind of grumpy and so I wasn't too impressed, but then something happened that was super unexpected and started me on this rollercoaster of emotion.
Me wearing the awesome leis they gave me 
The second night, one of the elders came to me while I was writing in my journal and we were talking and he told me that he was probably going home. For the next hour he just spilled his emotions to me and I don't know how I was saying exactly the right things for him to hear (JK it was DEFINITELY the Spirit), but I was. I felt such an instant love for him, the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus feel for him, and I just wanted him to know that they love him. He ended up going home because of some stuff but I gave him my email and told him to keep in touch. I cried for him a lot those couple days, but my testimony of the Atonement was strengthened so much. I know that it's true and if we can just use it in our lives it can change us! 

Our district with the Tahitian sisters who left
(the ones I told that I wanted to kiss haha) 
Also, the Tahitians in our branch left and they were here for 11 weeks so they felt like our older siblings and it was hard saying goodbye. Especially there were 3 sisters who were from the islands and only spoke French and I loved them! I'll send a picture, but we got up early on Monday to see them off and they gave us beautiful leis! Also, I was trying to say that if I could hug them goodbye I would, but alas, I mixed up hug and kiss in french and everyone thought I wanted to make out with them hahaha oops... But that made me so excited to leave for france! 

Me with Elder Stewart-Chester 
Also, because I know so many people here from Lone Peak and stuff, I am constantly saying hi and stopping to talk. And my district, because they are all unpopular losers (jk jk I love them dearly) gets jealous and teases me. "I wish I knew every 5th person I saw" says one, "Mr. Popular over here" says another! haha its funny but I love seeing people! I've talked to Elder Sorenson and Burraston and Stewart-Chester here! 

Elder Sorenson and I= BFF's 
I also have taught my district some songs I made up. My family might remember the "flowers coming bloom" song, well they love that one. haha There's a french hymn that's only in the french hymn book I want you all to listen to! It's called Souvient-Toi and it's my favorite hymn now! I love it! 

Also I found a scripture that I think embodies love for investigators and stuff or people. Read 2 Nephi 33:3 and think about how we can feel that kind of love and compassion for others! 

Thank you all for everything! Je t'aime t'aime tres beaucoup! :) 

Here's some kisses for the road *mwah* 

Elder Hall

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