Saturday, June 25, 2016

This Will Be My Weekly Journal Entry

me and my sword
I asked my companion how I should start off this email, and the response I got was: "tell them you bought a nerd stick today." So I'm going to start my email with this: I bought a cool cane with a sword inside of it today. Its not nerdy, its cool. I thought it was a good reward for having one of the smoothest transfer weeks ever, especially when it has so much potential to go horribly, terribly wrong. At the end of this week, I am pooped. Just plain exhausted. But I thank Heavenly Father for getting us through it, He always knows just how much we can take. :)

saying goodbye to elder Johnson
Transfer Day was the longest day of the year... literally. So we finished trains, and waited for all the chaos and problems to arise, and miraculously enough, none came. One equipe's train got cancelled, but that was it, it wasnt even our fault! So Monday rolls around and everyone is traveling all over France, but we are here making sure everything is going according to plan. Eventually all the returning missionaries got into the office. There were 21, so we weighed their luggage, fed them lunch, and then bussed them up to Presidents house. There were a ton of missionaries that I am very close to in this group, so we got to hang out, play some games, and we helped Sr. Brown get all ready for dinner. After all of that, and during their testimony meeting, we got to wait and welcome the families that came to get their missionaries. There were four big families that showed up, and one of them was the Johnson family, you know, the Johnson who trained me and then spent 2 more transfers with in Ajaccio! It was so cool to meet them and kind of turn him over (if I even have the right to say that haha). He was here for me on my first day in the mission, and I was there on his last. After taking the rest of them all back to our place, we stole Elder Lythgoe and Boynton to come help us do what office elders do best; load 60+ peices of luggage into a van. The assistants also showed up to help which I really appreciated. We crawled into bed just in time to have a good two hours of sleep before we headed to the airport with everyones bags. 

When we unloaded them all into the airport lobby, I realized that we'd forgotten a peice of Elder Boyntons luggage in our little car. When everyone showed up I told him I was so sorry and he sai, "My passport's in there." So we gave them the charge to get everyone onto the planes and we drove back as fast as we could to get him his passport so he could go home! We did it, and with that, they were all gone. Gone like the wind. A couple hours later, 17 new missionaries came hobbling out of the terminal. We got their bags and bodies back to the office, and then to President's house. We coordinated with some other elders to have some of the trainers (who were also in Lyon) stay at their apartments, but we had about 5 who were staying chez nous that night, and so when we took the new bleu's back to our apartment, we had to make sure they didnt see the trainers who were walking there. So we told them all "your trainers are going to come up and sleep here. Youre not supposed to see them so go to your rooms until we say to come out." I've never seen a group of people move so quickly! Bleu's are so obedient on their first day :) That was sorted out, we let them get some sleep then we passed out. 

The Office Crew, all of us together at last
The next day was meet your trainers day, so I walked with a bunch of them to the office, Elder Mahaffey and I ran to grab breakfast for them all, and thats how the morning went. Elder Wiberg and I went to order 25 pizza's and buy drinks after the trainers showed up and got matched up with their bleu's. It's so fun to see who gets who, because I love all the trainers so much, and the new guys grow on you too haha. But then was legality so I went and sat in the legality office for 3 1/2 hours while Elder Wiberg brought and took the missionaries. At the end, it was just one bleu named Elder Walton and I and we were waiting for our ride to come back so I took him contacting and it was a lot of fun to kind of show him the ropes. I don't think training would be all that bad! The next morning we sent the last of them home and returned to office work as usual. It was such a relief to be done with my 3rd transfer week! 

I thought of a good reality TV show this week: lawyers vs plumbers and it's called... Sue-age. Elder Mahaffey thought it would be pretty crappy lol. :) 

We werent able to see any of our ami's this week but they are still going well, I hope. 

We went to a cool medeval village for P-Day today. Maybe I'll send some pictures. 

Sorry that this email was just a blurgh of events and no spiritual substance, I want to just leave you with a quick spiritual thought. We were talking at lunch about how the apostles and prophets are probably on a first name basis with Jesus, and then Seour Sweeney reminded me that I am on a firstname basis with Him too, as are all of you! We believe that Jesus Christ is not only our Savior and Redeemer, but also our brother. He sacrificed for us so that we could be happy, repent, come unto Him. He did it as a foreordained mission, and yet He did it with such indescribable love towards us all that, fraternal love, eternal love, that no matter if we are in the deepest abyss, or on the most spiritual high, no matter if we are looking and yearning for it or feel it regularly in our every day lives, it (His love) is always there. He knows your name, He knows your successes as well as your failures. He is love. He is the Christ. 

Have a great week! I love you all a lot! Don't get too sunburnt in the summer sun! 
Avec amour, 

Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary

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