Saturday, June 18, 2016

Giving God a Call and My Missions, If I Choose To Accept Them...

If you would like to know, I got as close to polygamy as you can be as a missionary this week lol. How is everyone? I hope all is well on the homefront! Here on the frontlines things are going fantastic, and seeing as it's pre-transfer week, thats saying a lot! I hope you never get bored of my emails since being in the office! My life is pretty interesting still, sometimes its number crunching and paper pushing, and other times I feel like James Bond. It all depends on the mission I choose to accept ;) Lets take a look at some of them that I accepted this week:

sisters conference
First off, we accepted the mission to be the chauffers for the sisters conference that was held in Lyon on Monday. We picked people up from the airport (pretending to be the security that everyone thought we were), and then on Monday after it was over, we shuttled people from the presidents house to the metro stop. Because we needed to use two cars, we enlisted the help of the local chinese equipe, and so in my pictures you will see 2 chinese guys and 50 women, but dont worry, it was all okay! It reminded me of when I had to go help my mom at girls camp, haha, they decorated flip flops and cried. We just came at the end, but I have it from multiple sources that they cried! ;) So now I am one of 4 elders who has been in the same room alone with every sister in our mission. I dont know if thats something to be proud of or not..... 

Transfers! We accepted the mission of planning out transfer trains for everyone. We had our meeting with President and Soeur Brown, the assistants and the office. There were only 10 out of about 90 equipes that DIDNT change! So thats how that went. We have 22 missionaries going home and 17 coming in, that means 17 trainers as well. 

transfer numbers at district meeting 
So we will be hosting about 50 people at our apartment before the week is over! We stayed up late on Thursday night, planning the trains and working on the sheets, and then we finished late Friday night. I was pretty tired this morning... Luckily, we found a good system of doing trains fast and effective, and there have been almost no problems! So either everything will come crashing down tomorrow night, or we just successfully ran the smoothest transfer trains planning in the history of ever! I really hope its the second one haha.

Now for the mission part of accepting missions! A couple Sundays ago we were porting in a little ville outside of Ecully, and we found a nice woman. We were looking at her gate which said "la famille Brochay" and we were speaking in french to eachother sayin "wow! a family! we love familys! lets knock!" Well turns out she was standing on the other side of the gate listening and so when she opened it before we even rung, and heard us say we had a message about families, she knew we were pretty sincere haha We went back a on Sunday and taught one of the best Retab lessons Ive ever taught. She was so into it. She is so wise and knows the answers to all of the questions we ask! She understands the gospel and she doesnt even know she does! She is about 50 years old with two girls our age and a husband. She is so normal its wonderful! We went back on Thursday and taught about the Plan of Salvation a little. She had read in the Book of Mormon, and even told us that while she was reading she put herself in the place of Lehi, and understood how it must have felt to have two sons who were not on the right path. She wants to come to church and keep meeting with us! Her name is Mdm. Brochay (obviously) but we dont know her first name yet. We hope we can get that soon ;) I feel so confident when we are teaching her, because I know that she has been prepared for this message. She is converted to Christ, not to the catholic church. 

We also got AC installed at the office. 

our stake president and Sr. Berachont, an awesome lady 
in our ward who loves the office elders, her non member 
friend who we are teaching, and me at stake conference 
Well, this next week is going to be crazy. As you might have guessed, I will be staying the office for another transfer with Elder Wiberg! I want to leave you all with a little spiritual metaphor: I was talking to a sister who called because she needed help with something. Thats usually why people call us here haha. Afterwards, before she hung up she said, "I've always felt bad for the office elders, because people only ever call when they need help." Then she stopped for a second and added, "I wonder if thats kinda what its like for Heavenly Father." The conversation ended but I have thought about that ever since. When everything is going well for the missionaries, they have no need to call us, but I cant tell you how much I appreciate little letters, calls or texts of appreciation even when everything is going alright. (I got one this week in the mail with some reimbursements and confetti!) This is just like us as humans. Sometimes in life, everything is going right. Life is great! Do we kneel and express our appreciation to our loving Heavenly Father for that? Or do we only ever give him a ring when our water heater is broken or when we are out of money? (metaphorically speaking) He loves us, and He loves to hear from us, not just in the bad times, but the good times as well. Imagine how happy it would make Him to get a little note with confetti, or a call just to say thanks and that you love Him! I know how happy it makes me :) And we are so blessed to know that we can talk with Him no matter when or why! 

I love you all so much! Thanks for the support and prayers! Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary

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