Sunday, April 24, 2016

Talking to Fruit and Taking the Sacrement

tan pants Tuesday and scooters build comp unity 
Happy Sunday! I hope this email finds everyone doing well, enjoying the spring weather and the feeling that comes when school starts to wind down. As for me, it's crazy to think that I've been here in France for the duration of an entire school year and then some! Prayers go out to all of the people in the recent earthquakes and natural disasters. We dont experience a lot of that kind of stuff over here, mostly its just civil unrest haha. Something funny about France is that the people plan strikes and protests over the smallest things, and theres actually a website informing people about upcoming strikes so you can choose which ones you would like to be apart of! How convenient! ;) Haha but I still love it here! 

Accounting corner (ft. 10 key and ostracizement)

The office has been treating me well. I don't know if I told you about our apartment, but its called the "mission hotel". We have 26 beds and 20 mattresses in 4 rooms, so whenever people come or go they stay at our place. There hasn't been a week since Ive been here that we havent had people sleeping in our apartment. I'm learning how to be quite the host haha. Another funny thing about us office elders is that we drive 2 cars (our small toyota and the big vivaro), but to get to places closer by, we actually have some scooters. French adults love scooters, and business people ride them to work and stuff, so we fit right in. I'll send a pictures but they are pretty cool. And some information about my responsibilities. I am over finances and so I work pretty closely with Elder Sweeney (who is from my home ward). I am in charge of getting reimbursements to missionaries so they have money to eat and important stuff like that. I also pay bills and take care of credit card reconciliations (which is just matching the receipts and papers from the cards all over the mission to the bank statement, doing some math and ensuring that all the numbers add up to the overall total.) I got to play with a 10 key (which is a calculator for old people that prints out little papers), and I had a lot of fun with that haha. And aside from that, we are just problem solvers. Elder Lythgoe is over apartments and stuff like that, so we have our own areas of expertise.

samedi sportif gang 
I have some funny experiences to tell you all. The first one was at an activity we call samedi sportif which is just a game of fut (soccer) every saturday with a bunch of africans. Well, I am not very good at soccer, but my companion is amazing. We went last week and started out on the same team. They made me play goalie, which was their first mistake. Luckily I stopped a ball once, and after that I didnt anymore. They got tired of getting scored on and took me out, and then got scored on again so they asked me to switch teams. 😑 My new team must not have understood why they had so many points because they put me as goalie... Well, they score quickly evened out and I was freed of the cage. Elder Lythgoe told me that we would leave after the next goal, and he scored. It was pretty cool, so his team started clapping and cheering for him and mine was clapping because I was leaving. I think whats important in this story is that I tried. 

this why I weigh 500 lbs (bottom right
is salmon tartar which is raw salmon cubes)
and oh so many wonderful frites! 
On another occasion in the office, I was trying to fix some problems with a couple companies. I was trying to figure out something for a missionary's iPad, while simultaneously dealing with a phone company named Orange. I was getting calls left and right from Apple and Orange and I just couldn't get a hold of banana. HA! I thought that was hilarious. Everything got sorted out.

We had zone conference this week, and it was fun to see some friends, including Elder Wade! Love him to death. President Brown spoke about baptism and how to help our ami's repent and feel the power of the atonement. He said something that really struck me: "Have you ever wanted to do something that would leave a mark on the world, that could bless people forever, for eternity?" then, quoting Elder Oaks, "Being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, called to proclaim His gospel is the most important work anyone can ever do in mortality." This work is so important. 
like old times

My little work in the office which allows missionaries to have the safety and temporal well being to carry out this work is so important. Teaching people of Christ's eternal sacrifice for them, giving them a hope for a second chance, it's so important. That second chance includes partaking of the sacrement each week, and remembering His atonement. When we take the sacrement, we should go to Gethsemane with Christ. It's a sacred moment. I would challenge you all to focus on the sacrement today. Notice how you feel when you have taken His name upon you again, when His cleansing promise washes over you. I testify that it is real. You will feel like. I feel it. 

I love you all, thanks for the prayers and kind words. Have an awesome week! 

Avec les plus gros bisous du monde, 

Elder Hall  
Your Favorite Missionary 

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