Sunday, April 10, 2016

Behind the Scenes of the Life of an Office Missionary

Hello family and friends. I'm sorry you have all probably been on an Elder Hall withdrawal this past week. I didn't have time to write, because a lot of the time, our P-days are kind of nonexistent haha Luckily I am here today! So I have a ton to tell you all, because the office isn't as boring as it might sound... sometimes... haha so I guess this is me taking you all on a behind the scenes tour of the life of an office elder!

Transfer Week: this is the first week of the new transfer. It is when everyone takes trains to their new villes, the old missionaries leave, the new ones come, and a lot of work is done by us that no one knows about. There was not one day this week where we got to sleep until 6:30, but there were multiple where we woke up before 5 haha. (PS none of this is for you to feel bad for me, only to inform you.) So we got to hang out at presidents house for a few nights in a row, first with the missionaries going home then the new bleus. I drive a big van (an opel vivaro) during this whole week and we were constantly loading and unloading it with luggage. The first night after we took all the departing missionaries home, we packed it up with luggage and then slept for 2 hours until 2 AM, where we then drove to pick them all up, got them on a tram, and drove the luggage to the airport and made sure they all got on safely, and got to wait for the new ones to come in. It was fun to see the fire in their eyes, to see how they are so ready to get to work! Then we took them everywhere they needed to be over the next couple days, as well as making sure all the trainers did their things and they couldn't ever see each other and they were all staying in our apartment which is basically a hotel, so it was all just a big deal haha. Over the week we did a lot of errands, secretly setting up lunches and taking them down. We are basically the behind the scenes guys. So even though every day I was exhausted, I still had the force to get through haha. I thank Heavenly Father for helping me wake up overall haha.

This is me at a super good cafe mmmmm
I'm getting the hang of my job. I have started doing a lot more of the financial stuff, as well as working more with the phones of the mission and getting things sorted out with businesses. Its a very different work than anything Ive done thus far. I have to have a lot of patience with myself and with all the people that put me on hold. haha I love my companion to death! We go out to eat lunch everyday, and we have gone to some pretty good restaurants, but I love getting to spend time and just wind down for a little. Elder Lythgoe is so funny! He has a very quiet type of humor but its just hilarious! I havent felt stressed or anything really because he just handles things very well, and every now and then will throw in a funny little comment. Its fun to work with all the couples too. They are pretty funny, they protect us and make sure that we are all taken care of. Plus they laugh at everything I do and say so it's wonderful! We also get to spend quite a bit of time with Pres and Soeur Brown which I love. I've learned a lot from just being with all these very wise people, but my patch of white hair is growing...

Our ami in Finland! 
(We don't really know what he looks like... Haha)
The other week, President called us and told us that some elders in Finland needed help teaching a French speaking ami, and he gave us the opportunity to do it! We skyped them, and met the missionaries as well as the ami, Paul. We had an awesome lesson and fixed a return RDV. We had an ami, which hasnt happened in the office for a while. Well, the other day we got to teach him again, and answer his questions. At the end of the RDV, all of his worries were resolved, and we engaged him to baptism for the 25 of June! THE OFFICE ELDERS HAVE AN ENGAGE! It was a miracle, and we feel so blessed to be a part of it. So we sent out some letters to other missions telling them that if they ever have a french speaker, to call us and we'll help teach them. 

Last thing, Soeur Brown had an idea for something our mission could do for the Paris mission, since they have been through some hard things lately, and the idea was a video! She put us in charge of it, so I got to do some filming and editing this past week and it was a blast for me! It took me back to high school days. But the video turned out awesome, and we were able to send it to their mission to show how much we love and support them. 

General Conference was amazing, we are led by inspired leaders who know Christ and we are blessed when we follow their counsel, especially in the world today. I know that being in the office isnt what missionaries picture when they think about missionary work, but I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am contantly in the service of others, even when it doesnt feel like it. I love this church. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today, I sustain him. I testify of the power of the Book of Mormon and I know it is the word of God. 

I love you all and until next time!

Elder Hall
Your Favorite Missionary 

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