Monday, March 13, 2017

Christ's Car Wash

car show 
This week flu by. Literally, flu. The beginning of the week we did a lot of stuff but towards the end I came down with a case of "Le grippe" which destroyed me so hard. Je ne suis pas sure si jamais j'ai eu tant des choses qui sont sorti de mon corps... (that's in French because it's kinda gross haha). Anyways, no need to worry because I'm feeling better now so life is good, plus it's actually starting to be spring here! The flowers are s'épanouir-ing! Hahah

So, ami run down! 

1) Lorrane: this week she sent us this incredible text saying sorry for all the questions she asked and that she really wants to come to church! That night, we saw her on the bus and she told us that she had read in the Book of Mormon where we asked her to and that she prayed and received an answer! She said that she knows it's true, and she looked up the Restoration movie and believes in Joseph Smith. She said that ever since she's met us she has felt happier and has had the feeling of peace in her life, and she started doing things she loves again, like drawing and reading. It all just miraculously clicked, but not the biggest miracle of it all is that on fast Sunday, our ward fasted and prayed specifically for all of our amis, and what we asked them to pray for Lorrane was "so that she can receive a confirmation of the truthfulness by the Holy Ghost"!!!! It was a direct answer to prayers! Unfortunately I was sick for our rdv so we didn't see her, but we will this week! 

2) Vanessa: our Brazilian family is going well also, they seem to have more sincerity and willingness to act. But every time I think of them I get a little sick because she gave us this gross chicken sandwich casserole and it was the last thing I ate before... you know... 

3) Nelson: we have a returned missionary in our ward who has a friend who messaged him one day asking about our church, and we had a rdv with him! His name is Nelson, he is 20 years old and he is Suisse! That's incredible because young people don't usually care! He is super open and came to church and said that he thinks this is the path God wants him to be on!

4) Crazy Steve: He came to church this week and to our ward buffet after and he seems to be getting less crazy. He wore a star tie with a white polo shirt, so at least he's starting to understand a little bit.

We are seeing so many cool things here right now. I feel blessed to see this sector go from almost nothing to so many steady amis! We also had MLC this week, so we were in Lyon for a couple days. It was so fun to see all of my friends, because the district leaders came too, so almost our entire MTC group was there! Plus every companion I've ever had was there! We talked about faith, and how it's something so simple
but how it is the first principle of the gospel, and it brings miracles!

We painted at one of our members houses this week, I have surprisingly done a lot of painting on my mission, and I attribute my experience to being a janitor haha.

Then on Saturday there were 3 baptisms, 2 for the English ward and 1 for the Spanish ward, but I was sick so I just sat there through them, but it was so good!

Christ's car wash 
Today we went to the Geneva International Motor Show and saw some of the coolest cars I've ever seen. I got to sit in them and touch them and even look at them! Haha The most interesting thing I saw was a car wash, it was called Christ Car Wash. I took a picture next to it and as I went throughout the rest of the day, I kept thinking about it. For something so silly, it was actually quite profound, because of the truthfulness behind it. By going throughout life, we get dirty. We sin, we make mistakes, we fall short. However, we know that anytime we need too, if we are looking a little too muddy we can go through Christ's car wash. It is there, waiting for us to use it! Best of all, it's free! The price is already paid, we don't need to scrounge for coins, it is free and open to all who are willing to make the trip. When we come out we are spotless, ready to tackle whatever road lies before us. I invite us all to take advantage of the gift Christ has given us, to repent every day, and make that trip to the car wash. As we do so, we will feel His cleansing power.

I love you all!
Avec amour,
Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

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