Monday, February 27, 2017

God Sent Another Mademoiselle

I think I jumped the gun on the whole spring thing haha... it feelsnice but I remembered that it's not even march yet so I take it backand reserve the right to write the exact same thing in a future email 😉 haha well today is transfer day. I am staying here in Geneva with Elder Pesnell, which I am happy about, because I am coming to really like it here, and I absolutely love elder Pesnell, we have such good times together, and I feel like we are always laughing because our personalities somewhere just clicked! He's a great missionary and a wonderful collègue. And things are starting to finally pick up here! If you want to know how, read on!

this is all for the week! It's not a real village...
So this week we decided to start doing more personalized things for members, to show them how much we appreciate what they do for us, and the first family we started with was the Muellers! What we did was take my ukulele and write a little song for them using a tune that we already knew. When we went over to their house we played and sang it for them and they loved it! It sparked them so hard! Haha we decided to do that because Frere Mueller is blind so he can't see if we have him anything, but with music, even cheesy missionary music, he can enjoy! And he did! It was so fun to make their day.

There was also an interesting experience on a bus this week, I was sitting there and the bus stopped at a stop and an older madame got on. It got starting moving faster than she could hold onto something and she fell back on her back and head. I gasped loudly, and quickly went to help her. She kind of got sitting up and I was like "madame, are you okay" and then I didn't really have any immediate reaction run through my mind of how to help, until I was like "okay... maybe... oh ya! I can help her get up, that would work!" So I got under her arms and helped her sit down on the seat and made sure she was okay. I felt a lot of sympathy because one time in Bordeaux I got laid out on a bus and it really hurt and in that instance there was also another old lady who I fell on top of but my glasses flew off and it was all just a giant mess.

So this week, we have been eating a lot of food at members houses and one night I was so full and when I woke up in the morning I felt like I got hit by a truck, so I decided to fast, you know, so that I would have a good excuse to not eat any more food, and since I was already doing it, I prayed for some help to find new amis. So we went throughout our day and I felt much better at the end of it, and the senior couple here made us homemade mac'n'cheese! Well, the next morning we were en route to a members house and we were kind of late, but we got off of the tram, and I started walking when I noticed a young woman who was looking at me on the tram, and she stopped me and told me that she'd seen my plaque and wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and our beliefs and I said "well, fine... I guess we can fix a rdv... ugh... 😒" hahaha just kidding, I was so excited to meet someone, especially a young person, who wants to get closer to Christ! It was an answer to my fast, and I am so thankful God let us be late to find her! We had a rdv with her today, she's named Maria, and she is so prepared to hear about the gospel. She said that she doesn't believe in coincidence and thinks she's on the right path. She's super cool!

Also, we were able to talk to Lorrane a lot this week. It seems like nowadays I'm always just talking to young women... it's so stressful haha but she is always on the same bus as we are going home, so we walk and talk and leave her with little tidbits of gospel knowledge. And she's starting to grasp the message! We had a rdv with her and some other elders and she had a lot of good questions, and when we asked her to read in Moroni 10:3-5 in Portuguese, she finally understood that she needs to read and then pray to ask God. We are praying that she will get an answer, because she will be baptized one day, she just needs an answer! But it is funny how Heavenly Father is just sending us all of these madamoiselles, and maybe one day we can teach a man haha.

And last but not least, Elder Gottscheck, the Spanish elder, was sick with the flu this weekend, which meant he couldn't go to church on Sunday, so what we did to help them out is a little exchange. I went with Elder Brady-Haug to church on Sunday, the Spanish ward first then our ward. So I sat through 3 hours of church in Spanish, and learned how to say simple missionary phrases like "que tal" and "appastados una buena semaina" so that the members would trust me. Then I was asked to say the opening prayer in priesthood and I started and ended in Spanish and did the rest in French. It was fun! Then in our ward, we had 4 amis come to church but it was so stressful! Crazy Steve (Roger) came, as did Ali, Lorrane and a part member family ami. Everything was going crazy when Ali left to buy a taco, Crazy Steve wanted to give us the blueprints to his model Arc of the Covenant, and Lorrane showed up late. Eventually all was well, but I was so tired after church! We then went to a Spanish family mangez-vous and I feel so comfortable with my Spanish ability lol.

This week, I just want to testify that I know that God hears and answers prayers! He is a living God of miracles! I know it.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Avec amour,
Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

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