Monday, December 5, 2016

Soft Serve

a cool mirror sculpture I found (I debated 
whether or not to send this cuz it's a selfie... 
but merry Christmas haha)
My dad says it's been very cold at home lately, and this is my saying that's it's also been very cold here, like the kind of cold where when you walk outside, your ears instantly freeze to death and anything that would have come out of your nose congelés inside of it. Thus, I got a cold... but I think that came a little later in the week, and despite it we were still able to do quite a lot this week, and a TON of service! That explains the subject of my email, just there was a lot of ice and not a lot of cream. 😉 Also, if you remember the story of the family history miracle, I have the second half, all coming up in this email!

I'll start will a couple little things first: we went went with the sisters and their Chinese ami to a Scottish pub (and it was fun because Sr. Clancy is from Scottland), and we got real fish n chips! Wow, they were so so good! But now I don't know whether deep fried slices of potato are called fries, frites, or chips... I don't know what I love anymore!! We also made cookies and went to deliver them to Melissa and Antoine but they weren't home, and it took a long time to get there, but we were able to leave a get well note for Melissa who was sick and leave them with an invitation to read in Alma 32 for Antoine! Also, we had a cool experience when we were praying for our part member families because we received inspiration for how to help them as we each took a turn to pray with all of our hearts for them. Heavenly Father really wants these men to come into the flock!

one of my favorite families in France 
For FHE we were able to go to the Vendassi's house again! They had planned for us to help them set up their tree and nativity for Christmas and little Marc Ange was super excited but when we went to look for it down in the cave it wasn't there! So then he got very sad, so I tried to play ukulele music to cheer him up, and when Sr. Vendassi went to look, she found everything! (Ugh, how do moms always do that?!) so we were able to decorate for Christmas and have pizza! I love this family so much!

We were also asked to go to a members house, la famille Magré, and do service for them. It was very cold this day, but we went and dug a trench in his backyard and then dug out a ton of huge weeds. It was actually a lot of fun (because elder Sebra and I have fun doing almost anything haha, what a good comp I have 😄). We worked for a good amount of time, then they invited us in for hot chocolate and treats, it's two old people who just built this home so that's why there's a lot of work to be done outside. Unfortunately I think that's where I got a cold...
Fish n chips with a Frenchie,
2 Chinese people and a Scottwoman 

Our English class was pretty good! We had our two dropped amis, the sisters ami and our crazy less active! We taught about grammar for the past, and I realized that I am not qualified to be teaching actual people about English... at the end we tried to do a spiritual thought but everyone got off topic and it turned from Christmas and service to Mary being the Sainte Verge (basically the holy virgin), then to our stance of Joan of Arc, and then the old lady ami told us a story of how when she was younger her twin brother tried to burn her at the stake... so we decided to call it good and ended the thought there haha.

We got transfer calls! I will be staying with elder Sebra here for another transfer, but our whole zone got blown up! We have 4 elders training out of our 10 equipes! Haha I love our zone! #bordeauxsbelt

Sunday was cool (this is the second part of that family history story). So Sr. Cadeau (the member we taught with during that RDV with Madame Bott) stood up to give her testimony and told the following to the story. Madame Bott called her this week to tell her what happened with all of the information they found. Madame Bott said that she used it to search up and find a man in Louisiana on Facebook, who had one of the names on that big list we found, and it turned out to be her half brother! They talked and rejoiced in the reunion! He told her that her father had remarried and had more children, but he told all his kids about his French daughter, and kept a picture of her with him always. She made contact with her siblings in America, and found out that her dad had passed away 3 years ago, unknown to her. She admitted to it being a miracle, and I felt the spirit so strongly when it was shared.
Ethan's baptism! 
Then on Sunday, we had a baptism for a new boy in our ward. They moved from the US, and don't really speak French, but he was baptized on Sunday and we were able to be in the confirmation circle with his father and our bishop, as well as make the programs, lead the music, set everything up, be witnesses to the baptism, and other stuff for them, because this is their first child getting baptized. It was great!

Voilà! Ev
Christmas in centre ville 
en though I've been very sick all week, the work of Salvation keeps going. I'm so excited to be staying here for Christmas, and to see how we can keep #eclairinglemonde! (I'm sorry that's the second hashtag I've used in this email...) I testify of Christs hand in this work. There is no possible way that this gospel could be spread to every people without Him at the head. And each and every one of us have the opportunity to feel Him work through us as we simply serve others, especially at this special time of year! Look for it, pray for it, and you will find it- the Spirit of Christmas which is simply the Spirit of Christ.

Avec amour,
Elder Hall

Your Favorite Missionary

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